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Emily Hodson

Emily Hodson is the author of the Pretty Unlikely Trilogy in progress and most recent stand alone novel, The Whimsical Life Of Iris Shuester. She enjoys writing fiction and poetry. Hodson resides in Washington with her dog and cat.
Emily is the author of
A distressed writer tries to live a normal life in the city while battling her imaginary alien friend, who wants her somewhere else.
Books Emily Recommends
Being fascinated with journalism and mystery/thriller kind of books, I liked the character pretty quick. Relatable. Curious. Determined. I hope to see more!
The unsolved double homicide of an upstanding couple left a city reeling. Twenty-four  years later, a second murder replicates every detail of that brutal killing. When an obituary writer notices the similarities, her curiosity   in a vicious web of
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