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This one's already been a psychological thriller that I REALLY want to read. Help him reach quill goal so I can have this book!
A narcoleptic man’s dreams are bleeding into his reality, forcing him to face a tragic past. As he makes sense of the dream underworld, he uncovers some startling truths.
When I discovered this little gem, I read every little bit that's posted on its page. If you're interested in seeing the effects of the Supreme Court marriage ruling this year (Yeah! Fictional current events!), then you're going to want to follow this one
The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriage affects a variety of characters in frightening ways.
Interested in a book that will keep you constantly wanting more? Check out LURK, the horror thriller that I'm DYING to get a copy of. Let's try to push this one to its goal!
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by David Levithan
by Emma Donoghue
by Sabine Durrant
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