Hi! This is a quick update to share a new post I wrote around the topic of should authors crowdfund their books.  Here’s the link to the piece and I hope you gain some new insights from reading it.


Oh, and I’ve reached 4% of my Quill publishing goal and I still have 43 days left!



Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening Everyone!  I am super excited because I’ve uploaded 5 more chapters so you have a total of 6 chapters to read -- Wahoo. :-)

The entire book is completed but I am open to feedback and comments from you to make this story better.

More exciting news -- 10 books have been pre-sold!  Readers, I thank you all for your support!  Please share this book/link with your friends, family and colleagues so that this book can be in your hands later this year.

Okay, ready for even more better news?  I am an approved vendor for ICON 32 happening March 17 - 19 on Long Island, NY.  It’s the Northeast’s largest nonprofit scifi convention!  Check it out here: http://blog.iconsf.org/.

Hope to see some of you there!

In the meantime, Ta-ta for now.

~ Rochelle

Good Morning! Thanks again for your support.  Just wanted to let you know I’ve uploaded an intro video. If you have a minute and thirty-two seconds, please take a look and let me know what you think.

Happy Sunday!

Greetings! Happy very early Saturday!  This is a quick update to let you know that books are selling.  Five have been sold to date -- thank you Eric, Ann Marie, Regina, Susan and Sharon!  You are the first five to support Fury From Hell -- thank you all muchly!

Susan pointed out an upload error in Chapter 1, and I’ve now added the appropriate markers to alert readers of a POV shift.  Thanks Susan!  Once I have five more sales, I will upload Chapter 3.  

Onward and upward!

Have a great long weekend everyone.



All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing.  At the end of last week, I had not one follower.  As of today, I have a total of 19 followers! And, a big milestone -- Fury From Hell has had its first pre-order!!!  Thank you all for following me and my book.  I look forward to great reads and great community camaraderie.

All the best,