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Congratulations Jacqui! That is a huge achievement. I’m looking forward to following the production process (and getting my copy, of course).
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Wowowowow! You did it!! 750 pre-orders!!!

Congratulations, Jacqui! I am so very happy for you! This is fantastic!  :D

We did it. 750 copies sold. This. Is. Amazing.

Thank you, a million times over. The past few months have been challenging, invigorating, frustrating, and inspiring. I have made several new friends and reconnected with old ones. Nothing quite like the raw experience of putting yourself and your work out there.

I am excited to embark on the production journey and to give you sneak peeks behind the scenes along the way. So, what goes into the production of a book with a full-scale publishing house, before it makes its way to a bookstore near you? Glad you asked! I made the following to break it down, and will also add it to my revamped book page for future reference:

As I make my way through these phases, I will aim to send you updates every month or so, or when something particularly exciting happens, so as to not drive all of you up the wall. Also, since I know it will be a long wait, I have decided that once the edits are complete, I will send all of you (my original backers) an electronic uncorrected proof. This means that you will have the ability to read the book months before it is released while waiting for your official copy.

Several, if not most, of you, found the book through my Twitter account @WritesAsheville - I have created a separate handle specifically for book-related news - @TWACI2090 Feel free to follow!

And last, but not least, the winner of the $250 Airbnb gift card (chosen by random number generator) is ......

Nicolette Carter Yates

Just in time for summer! Enjoy!

Cheers! -Jacqui

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This is the final countdown!

Only 26 orders to go. The champagne is in the fridge beckoning me to open it. If you have not ordered yet and would like to be a backer for The Walls are Closing In, now would be a fabulous time to jump in. If you would like your name in the back of the book, this is your final chance to buy a "Super Reader" package before that ship sails.

Once The Walls are Closing In hits 750, a few exciting things will happen:

1) The book will officially switch from "Funding" to "In Production," and I’ll await word from Inkshares on when to turn in my manuscript for the first round of developmental editing.

2) I will announce the winner of the $250 Airbnb gift card.

3) I will send out the limited edition bookmarks. Please send me your address if you would like one. Either DM through Inkshares, or to

Stay tuned! -Jacqui

The finish line is in sight! As of right now, The Walls are Closing In has received 619 PREORDERS, leaving 131 TO GO!

I want to take a breath to express the appreciation that I am feeling for all of you, for rallying behind me and this book. Some of you are family members and close friends who sprang in without hesitation when I asked. Some of you are friends from my past with whom I had lost touch, but you still supported me when I reached out or when you happened to see the book circulating on social media. And, most of you, were complete strangers before this campaign began, but who nevertheless clicked the preorder button to support an unknown author.

I started writing this story over a year ago when our current political reality didn’t yet seem probable. The idea for The Walls are Closing In came to me during the primary election campaign. It began as a short story, and it snowballed from there. The first draft was complete by mid-summer 2016. At the time, I sincerely thought that the story would forever reside in the ‘alternative future’ category, but as events unfolded, the story evolved.

The themes explored in The Walls are Closing In cut a bit deeper with each passing day. In fact, I am currently making notes to rewrite certain backstory sections because, well, they have more or less happened over recent weeks and months.

Though it does walk the line between fact and fiction, more than anything The Walls are Closing In, like other fictional stories, is about the characters. There is a splash of romance and a healthy dose of perseverance as the main characters explore what makes life worth living by rooting out the joy in unlikely places. It is about digging deep, figuring out how to tap your own truth, regardless of what society throws at you.

On an unrelated-to-storyline note, I have noticed that as the campaign approaches the end, several people have gone back and placed additional orders. Thank you! Also, I received confirmation from Inkshares that if multiple e-books are purchased, that you will have the ability to share the additional files with friends and family. Each person can order a maximum of 10 total books (ebooks or paperback).

This is also the last chance to receive your name in the back of the book by ordering a ’super reader’ package of 3 paperbacks. Once the 750 order mark is passed, the window will close on this opportunity. Again, for those just joining, this is what that would look like (from another Inkshares book).

Again, thank you for the support. Hopefully, only one or two more campaign updates, before we move on to the fun of "in production" updates.

Until next time,


P.S. - Running a bit behind on the chapter 2 recording, but check the site at the beginning of next week and it should be up.

This is the final stretch! Just over 200 to go! 544 copies have sold, and a multitude of amazing people have come into my life and are now following the progress of The Walls are Closing In.  I officially have until June 30th to reach that finish line, but have set a personal goal of June 7th, because, well, summer can get busy quickly, and it would be great to have a small break before production begins.

I just had tea with a fellow Asheville writer, Kyle James, whose Inkshares book Not Afraid of the Fall, will be hitting shelves in July! It is uplifting to hear the story of someone who has traveled this path before me, and to see all of it come together. Hearing about his journey through the processes of developmental editing, copy editing, cover design, galley printing, and marketing, ensured me that the contract (and thus, all of the campaigning) is worth it! Check out his book, Not Afraid of The Fall, and if you are local, consider attending his publishing party at Malaprops on July 13th! I will be there!

I am going to work on another video, this time of me talking about the book, to circulate around various social media channels. I’ll let you know when it is ready. Also I want to say a special thank you to those that have shared the book within their private Facebook groups. I have definitely seen some orders come from this! So, if anyone else has a Facebook group that they are a part of, that they think would be interested in the book, that would be helpful to push this to the finish line.

Also, if you are following but are not sure if you have ordered yet, feel free to ask me - - and I can check on your status.

Until next time,

Happy Easter! The Walls are Closing In just passed the 500 order mark - 250 to go!

A very special thank you to those of you that have gone back and ordered a few more, and to all of the complete strangers who have taken a leap of faith. It will all be worth it when walking through a bookstore, spotting The Walls are Closing In on a shelf, and knowing that each and every one of you helped put it there.

I am committed to chugging with all of my might until that 750 line is passed, and I am feeling confident that it will happen. So, if you know that 1, 2 (or, you know, 250) of your closest friends or relatives would like the topicality and would jump on the chance to support an emerging author if you asked, you know what to do! Remember, the campaign ends as soon as that 750th order is placed! 

As promised, may I present the limited edition bookmarks that I will be placing en route to your mailbox once the campaign ends (a little instant gratification before embarking on the production process ride-along).

If you would like one, please send me your address at your earliest convenience so that I can eagerly begin creating an envelope tower. If you don’t get back to me, I will do my best to convince the lovely folks at Inkshares to place them in the paperbacks prior to shipping.

Until next time! -Jacqui

It is update time! Thank you to everyone that has followed and ordered so far. To the new followers and readers - welcome to the show!

The Walls are Closing In has presold 448 copies as of this morning, leaving just 302 to go, and 89 days left of the campaign. My calculator informs me that this leaves 3-4 copies per day. Considering that we are only 2 1/2 months in from the original start date, I am optimistic! But, the work is far from over and spreading the word is still greatly appreciated.

Now that the book is taking off, if you would like to reconsider ordering a few more copies and getting your name(or the name of your organization/business) displayed in the back of the book, far be it from me to try and stop you! The following is the acknowledgment page from a recently published Inkshares book (Tears of the Assassin by William Schiele) so that you can see what that would look like:

Currently, I am spending about 3 hours per day spreading the word. I will be beyond thankful to take a much-needed break from twitter and facebook come June, before jumping back in and keeping everyone updated with the production process.

As promised, I have added an audio version of Chapter 1 to the book’s main page. Check it out if you want, or you know, just go back to what you were doing before I interrupted you with this email.

A few other upcoming perks:

April 13th - Winner of Dystopian Book Bundle announced. If you have not entered yet, you can enter here.

500 Orders - Design revealed for signed postcard, bookmark, or bookplate that will be mailed to all backers (regardless of e-book or paperback purchase) as soon as the campaign ends!

600 Orders - Audio Version of Chapter 2

700 Orders - Audio Version of Chapter 3

750 Orders - Campaign ends, winner of $250 Airbnb gift card announced, and then I collapse into a heap for a day or two.

On the actual book front - in my spare moments I am perfecting the backstory (a never ending process as the news shifts from day to day), but the rest of the manuscript (all but approximately 10 pages) is finely tuned to my liking and ready to hand over to Inkshares for developmental editing as soon as the campaign portion of the programming is complete. I am eager to start the process that will get this book in your hands, so keep in mind that the sooner 750 is met, the sooner the making of the book can begin!

Until next time!


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