Hi, wonderful readers!

Good news! The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. is almost ready to send to Inkshares! I intend to send everything off within a week or so. Of course, there’s more to be done to get the book ready for print, and Inkshares has a busy schedule, so I don’t know how long it will take to get the book out. As soon as I have a publication date, I’ll let you know right away! If you ordered a print copy, here’s a reminder to make sure Inkshares has your correct address on file.

If you ordered 3 or more copies, first of all, thank you!!! Second, you get to have your name in the book among the list of super backers. You should have received an email from me a while ago asking how you want your name listed. I’ve heard from many of you (thanks!), but not all. If you haven’t already, please let me know how you’d like you or your family represented. You’re not required to have your name in the book, of course, so if you’d like me to keep your name off the list, just let me know. If you think you should have received an email and didn’t, it’s very possible I missed a name as I went down the list, so sorry about that! Drop me an email and I’ll make sure you get on the list.

Thank you so much to all of you for your support. I’m really excited for you to read The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know!



Hi everyone,

So it’s been a while since I sent an update. I’m hard at work finishing the book’s final third, and I’m almost done! Then, I’ll switch to editing mode so that I can send Inkshares a beautiful final manuscript. Thanks for your patience! I know this is a long process, and you may have hoped to have a book sooner. I promise I’m doing my best to make sure you get a really great book.

While I’ve got you here, I just want to remind you to make sure your shipping address is updated. If you bought an E-book, of course, no worries! But if you purchased a physical copy of the book, just make sure Inkshares has the correct address so we make sure your book gets to you. On a sad note, if you do need to cancel your order (although I hope you don’t!) you can email Inkshares’ customer service at hello@inkshares.com. I don’t know how they do things, but Elena is the best and will get you sorted.

As a present-because I’m so very thankful for your support-here’s an excerpt from the rough draft of Part 2! Don’t worry, I’ve redacted the spoilers.


Fanchon found me in the study the next morning, reading one of my father’s manuals. He was a proud chemist, not an alchemist, and as such, he thought it was ridiculous and pointless to attempt to turn any sort of metal into gold. It was not pointless, however, to occasionally put a shiny gold-like coating on something. Looking back, I suspect my father walked a fine ethical line.

I closed the book as Fan entered. Brass was probably the cheapest solution, but also the easiest to spot as a fraud.

“How are you, dear?”

“Um, I’m fine. I was wondering how I would go about finding a dance instructor. It’s just that I don’t think I want everyone to know I’m taking lessons.”

“Oh! That’s right. Well, that’s not a problem. I can teach you.”

Fan started, open-mouthed and wide-eyed, like a giant gust of wind had almost knocked her off her feet. “You can dance?”

“You’re looking at a proud graduate of Ms. Arbuthnot’s School for Charming Girls. Besides, your father and I used to go dancing quite often. I don’t actually mind dancing.”

“But aren’t we going to need someone to do the man’s part?”

“You’re looking at a very tall graduate of an all-girls school,” I said. “Now, I think if we move some furniture in the living room we’ll have the space for this.”

Fan followed me into the living room, and we pulled the armchairs to the edges of the room and carried the coffee table to the hallway.

“I think that’ll do.” Besides, since I would be leading, at least she couldn’t ram my shins into the corner of the table. “One issue I noticed about your dancing is that you’re very stiff. We want everything to be more fluid. So when we put our arm out, for example—see how mine has sort of a bend in it?” Fan nodded and tried to mimic my arm. “Right, I’m not exactly sure how your elbow can go that way…” I tried to reposition her arm. “I think bend was maybe not the best word. We definitely don’t want to see a pointy elbow corner, we want it to look like our arm is curved. That’s better.”

“That hurts! That’s not natural!”

“You have to get used to it. You probably have to build up the muscles. Now let’s start with a minuet, and let’s try to remember we want to be light and airy, like we’re floating around the room.” I sounded exactly like my dance instructor. “We’ll start here at this end. Other side of me. Hold my hand. Other arm out gracefully. Ready? Right—Sink. Left—Right—No, don’t sink yet—Left, now sink. Now right…”

“I’m on my left.”

“What? We must not have sunk correctly.”

“I did sink!”

“Right, but I think it wasn’t on the correct foot. Or possibly beat.”

“I never understand the minuet count.”

“You do a whole minuet step in two three-counts. It goes, ‘One, sink, three; one, two, sink.’”

“Yeah, I never do that right.”

“Well, let’s try this. Let’s get the pattern down first, no sinks.” We reset at the end of the room. “So let’s go, Right foot—feet together. Then left, right, left, together. Repeat. Right, together. Left, right, left, together.”

Fan and I minuet-walked the length of the room several times. “Was Dad a good dancer?” she asked.

“He was excellent.”

“Did you like dancing with him?”

“I did,” I said. Right up until I realized he used every partner switch to seduce new lovers. I didn’t tell Fan that. “All right, we’re not going to add in the sinks yet, but let’s try to get the tiptoes correct. So the first step is a flat foot. Then when we come together, let’s just tap our foot, like this. Then left tiptoe, right tiptoe, left flat foot, tap. The flat foot isn’t so much a stomp. You can toe-heel.”

We were so intent on tiptoeing across the room, we both missed the knock on the door—until it had turned into a rather angry pounding.

...To Be Continued!

Thank you all so much for your support. I’m so excited to get you this book. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


Maggie Hoyt

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick reminder that this is the LAST day of Inkshares’ The List contest! It’s my last chance to get a full publishing deal, so if you haven’t ordered yet or have someone you’ve been nagging to order, today’s the day!

Thanks so much for your support this year. I’m so grateful for everyone who’s supported my project. There’s an awful lot of this that I didn’t expect would happen: that people who weren’t obligated to be nice would like my work, that I’d end up in the running for two different contests, or that I’d manage to sell 250 copies to people who weren’t my mom. So thank you for making my dream come true! I’m thrilled to get to bring you my book.

Happy New Year!


Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting some questions about this, so I just wanted to clear up that no, sadly, the book won’t be ready by Christmas. Publishing is a pretty intense process--I’ve still got editing, layout, and cover design to do! Inkshares put up a nice blog the other day about how long it takes for a book to reach its release date. If I’m lucky enough to place in their List contest, I’ll get a full publishing deal, which could mean it might take a whole year for the book to actually come out. I’m from Los Angeles, so I tend to think in terms of making a movie. The actors may have finished filming, but the movie won’t be in theatres for a while!

So if you were hoping to give The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. as a gift, I’m very sorry! The good news is, you have a head start on your holiday shopping for 2017! Go you!

As always, I’m so appreciative of your support. I know waiting is annoying, but I definitely want to make sure you get the best book I can give you. So keep an eye on the List contest--here’s to good news in 2017!

Have a wonderful holiday season,



I know, you thought you were done with me for a little while. But this is EXCITING.

Inkshares recently announced a new contest: The List 2016. Inkshares staff and industry professionals have chosen the 35 best books that didn’t get a full publishing deal from this year, and guess what? Yours truly made the list.

Once again, the top 3 in unique pre-order count will get a full publishing deal. It just so happens that I’m currently in 3rd place, thanks to so many of you lovely people. Of course, I’m sure there are a lot of books on the list that are about to make a serious run for the top, so I’ll need to keep pushing to keep my spot. If you know anyone who might be interested in my book, I’d be very appreciative if you passed the word along.

However, this news just keeps getting more exciting. In addition to those top 3, this contest will have 3 guest judges, and they can greenlight any project they want, regardless of pre-orders! So there’s potential for 6 books to get the full publishing treatment, and Evelyn and I could be one!

So, if you wanted to order but thought you’d missed your chance, or you know some people who need to be pestered, I’d be so thankful for your help!

Happy Thanksgiving! (If you’re in the U.S. If not, enjoy the 4th week of November, I guess.)

Best, Maggie

To my dear, lovely readers:

Whew! The Geek and Sundry Contest is over, and out of 406 entries, we ended up in 4th place. We may not have won one of the big prizes, but that’s still pretty darn impressive, I think. Since we reached Quill, The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. is definitely going to be published! I’m now setting to work on finishing a complete draft, editing, and designing a cover. I’ll give a few updates as I go, but don’t worry--your days of hearing me plead for orders are done! My funding drive officially ends today, so if you wanted to snag a signed copy, now’s the time to order.

This has been an absolutely amazing experience. This is my first novel and my first attempt to publish anything, and I’ve been floored by the amount of support and positive reviews I’ve received. So thank you, to every one of you! I look forward to sending you my book!

The Inkshares community is really wonderful--many of my fellow authors have plugged my work and given me great feedback. There are so many great books on this website waiting to be discovered. A few of my friends are still trying to fund their books, and if you’re so inclined, I’d absolutely recommend you check them out!

Witherfist, by Jenny Graham-Jones

Murder at the Veteran’s Club, by Christopher Huang

A Beast Requires, by Jay Lockwood

Raven and Bone by Allison C. Waechter

Unfortunately, this computer doesn’t want to linkify anything. Luckily, Inkshares’ search engine is lickety-split.

Thank you so much!

May you live happily ever after!


Hello, lovely readers!

We’ve almost reached the end! The Geek and Sundry contest ends on October 31st, which is just a few days away! We’re holding 4th place, but 5th place is making a determined run. I would LOVE to achieve that 4th place finish, so tell your friends to order! And if you haven’t ordered yet, time is running out, and I’d greatly appreciate your support.

At this point in the contest, many authors are offering incentives. The first place authors are even offering to critique your writing! How cool is that? Unfortunately, I can’t quite do that. So for what it’s worth, here’s my offer:

If you or someone you refer pre-orders my book before the contest ends, I will--wait for it--solve a math problem for you. That’s right! Send me a problem of any level through calculus, and I will explain how to solve it for you!

Hey, I’m a math tutor. I’m working with what I’ve got.

Now that I know people will be lining up in droves, I’d like to seriously say, thank you so much for your support. Honestly, with over 200 books in this contest, I did not expect to do this well. So thank you, and if you’ve got anyone else you can recommend The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. to, I’d be appreciative to the infinitieth power.



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Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the book. I know that one book club is already planning to read your book.

Guess what, wonderful readers! We reached Quill, Inkshares’ light publishing goal! You are now guaranteed to get a copy of The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. Thank you so much for ordering and supporting my dreams! So many people have written such kind reviews, posted my link on Facebook, and retweeted my pleas for orders. I’m really grateful to have so many amazing friends!

I still have 14 days left to go in this campaign, and there’s still one more prize out there: a full publishing deal. The Geek and Sundry contest continues until the end of the month, and I’m still in 4th place. 3rd place is a really strong contestant, and I need 50 new readers just to catch up. Will that be tough? Yes. Is it impossible? No!

I’ll keep fighting for 3rd place, and I’d be mightily appreciative if you’d keep spreading the word!

Thanks a million,


Hi, everyone! Guess what? The Fairy Stepmother, Inc., has a new video! Check out the page to hear a little bit about how I came up with the idea, plus a reading of a brand new excerpt from later in the book!

Also, because I love you so much, if you don’t want to hear me read, you can read the excerpt right here:

“What brings you to Strachey?” I asked.

“Well, it’s the place to be, isn’t it? I’m just the latest noble to emigrate from the capitol,” she said as she sat down on a still-covered chair.

"Do you have family coming to join you? Or is this all yours?”

“You know, Evelyn, most people have been smart enough to leave me alone,” she said.

"Most people around here believe in fairies,” I said.

She flashed me a patronizing smile. “Shall we cut to the point of your visit?”

“Pressed for time, are we?”

“You’re miffed about that little incident with the DeVries baby, and you’re hoping you can persuade me to do something about it.”

“Incident? You barged into a christening shower and laid a curse on the baby!”

“You’ve never believed in my curses. So why worry?”

“Millicent, you know as well as I do that most of the town will believe the baby’s cursed.”

“Then tell them the truth.”

“Backed with what, common sense? No, you’re going to tell them the truth. That’s how these things work. You’ve got to quiet everyone down by removing the curse.”

“And why would you care about the DeVries?”

“You can’t curse other people’s babies, Millicent! You’re inspiring social terror! It’s irresponsible!”

“Don’t you ever get tired of repressing yourself, Evelyn?”


“Look at yourself! You fought your way through Furnival’s, survived the deaths of two husbands, refused a third marriage, and despite all criticism you manage a growing start-up. Yet here you are, trying to enforce society’s rules. Why don’t you let them burn?”

It didn’t strike me as odd until much, much later that she knew so much about me.

“Babies, Millicent. Babies!” Sometimes, I swear… "Don’t curse newborns” didn’t need to be said! I tried to take a deep breath. I could see by the smirk on Millicent’s face she was enjoying winding me up. You’re losing leverage, Evelyn.

“What do you want, Millie?” I asked. She gave a barely perceptible wince at the nickname. I filed that away. “You’ve done this for a reason. Tell me what you want.”

“I don’t want anything.”

I laughed.

“Really. They deserved it.” “Because you were one of the many non-invitees? Really? I thought we established a long time ago that you aren’t the Queen.”

That worked. She puffed up in anger and started turning red. “You have no idea what you’re talking about! You hedge-born, low-life…” She trailed off, trying to gain control of herself. “I would have expected more of you, Evelyn. After all, I’m only doing what you’re doing.”

Hope you enjoy! We’re so close to our publication goal! If you’ve got a friend who would like The Fairy Stepmother, Inc., let them know!



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