Maggie Hoyt's latest update for The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

Nov 21, 2016


I know, you thought you were done with me for a little while. But this is EXCITING.

Inkshares recently announced a new contest: The List 2016. Inkshares staff and industry professionals have chosen the 35 best books that didn’t get a full publishing deal from this year, and guess what? Yours truly made the list.

Once again, the top 3 in unique pre-order count will get a full publishing deal. It just so happens that I’m currently in 3rd place, thanks to so many of you lovely people. Of course, I’m sure there are a lot of books on the list that are about to make a serious run for the top, so I’ll need to keep pushing to keep my spot. If you know anyone who might be interested in my book, I’d be very appreciative if you passed the word along.

However, this news just keeps getting more exciting. In addition to those top 3, this contest will have 3 guest judges, and they can greenlight any project they want, regardless of pre-orders! So there’s potential for 6 books to get the full publishing treatment, and Evelyn and I could be one!

So, if you wanted to order but thought you’d missed your chance, or you know some people who need to be pestered, I’d be so thankful for your help!

Happy Thanksgiving! (If you’re in the U.S. If not, enjoy the 4th week of November, I guess.)

Best, Maggie