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 In a few days, your funds will be returned to your account as I don’t believe that I will be able to sell the remaining 130 copies. 

 I sincerely appreciate your support and am thankful that you considered me sound enough to cast your lot my way. 

 I have had quite a few people question, if not scold, my decision to not self publish. To answer those queries and counter the derision, I will tell you that I am well aware of being frugal and self sufficient. I have a discerning eye, ear, hands, and mind, but painfully understand my limitations in these waters. I know that I hold a great gem in rough condition and would be a fool to not entrust it to a qualified cutter. I can see the light inside but want someone talented and experienced to assist in setting it free. 

 Now, if all of you would be interested in doubling your original orders it would be greatly appreciated and would move a seemingly small mountain, but that is in your more than generous hands….over the next 2 days. 

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Once again, thank you for your kind gesture and trust. 

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I’m not sure if all of you are receiving these updates, so, like a trapped submariner, I will continue to tap my hammer on the cold hull and hope that you will hear my thanks for your support. 

I have sixteen days remaining before the door will open or close on this project. 

Today, I will post my last entry on the Inkshares site. The events noted in this piece occurred approximately ten years after the last chapter I uploaded. This section is raw but details a twenty-eight hour span that marked my soul and is one of many personal scars I feel I need to share. For some of you, this portion may shine a light on my behaviors that you never understood. For those unfamiliar, I hope you can understand that I was a broken young man. 

I experienced many challenging situations as well as the last respirations of my sister Carrie, my brothers, Joe and Danny, and my father, George, before I was twenty-four. These experiences turned me away from paths that people commonly follow and forced me down traces that are questionable.
I understand that most of these events are original to the human condition but in my searches I’ve found few that compare. 

I now walk on a road that vanishes in the distance as far behind me as it does in front of me. I often wonder what it would look like without all of those horrid events behind my eyes but I return to the conclusion that the images in my repository are just filters of light and there are as many of one color as the other. The scape is quite beautiful. 

I will ask all of you for one further measure of support before this challenge ends. If you are privy to another ear to bend, a heel to kick, or an arm to twist that would garner an addition $10 order, could you do so?


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My allotted time to gain the required number of pre-orders is quickly waning. By the time you read this, there will be 33 days remaining to sell the remaining 145 copies. 

If you like what I have written and if you have appreciated what I have shared, please help me hustle these last few pre-orders. 

Once again, I really appreciate and am overwhelmed by the support you have already shown. 

I will now remove my Amway hat and plug in the slide projector to share with you the faces behind the memories.   -Sharek

Charles and Stella

The Stanger’s

George, Jerra, Carrie, Garna




Inside our cabin. Jerra, Shelam, and Sharek

Carrie, Lamech, and Sharek

Potters Church


The Cherokee

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that I added content to two chapters.

They should be in your inbox and they are on this site.

Thank you for your kind words and support.


Hello All,

My mother, Jerra K Gadd, will soon shed her memories and the ailments of her seventy four years. 

She was confined to a chair beside her fire for the previous six years. While a tenure next to a fire may sound comforting, this internment was not peaceful. Multiple surgeries on her leg that was broken in the commune, a resistant infection, as well as multiple damages to her soul crushed her will to survive like grist in a mill.

She is currently at peace and will hopefully meet her departed loved ones in matter of days.

I hoped to see this project to fruition before her expected death. I also expected more years for her but I now see the folly in my assumptions.

I will continue to post my writings until the clock on InkShares expires but my drive for promoting publication is now spent. When the countdown reaches its end I will notify all of you and your charges will be cancelled.

Thank you for your support.


Hello All,

Some of you have been asking about the title of my book, so, I’ll tell you of its origin.

When I was a boy, living in Martinsville, my dad took my brothers and I outside to show us the stars. He pointed to various constellations and independent lights while noting their names. He pointed to Orion and regretted not being able to see the Milky Way, but explained that it was the center of our galaxy and that it rested on Orion’s right shoulder. 
I still hold that memory quite dearly.

The Milky Way is generally hidden by light pollution unless you’re in places that are still pure. The first time I saw our galaxy was through night vision goggles at Fort Benning, GA.
 I was struck by seeing what my father had described. Forty some years passed between standing in the yard with my dad to this point. 

Fragments of science, history, and spiritualism managed to remain in my mind through the decades. Since I’ve settled, I’ve garnered an interest in the original religion, which is astronomy, as well as anthropology, and archaeology. 
The Milky Way was, and still is, a venerated stellar object in cultures all over the world. It’s been given every name imaginable and is often tied with mythologies concerning the passage of souls to another place.

The stronger side of my genetic makeup hails from northern Europe. In those old dark forests the Milky way is called The Birds Road.
Tie my childhood star-gazing memory to the passage of my family, add a bit of mythology and science, and you have the title of my book.

Food for thought: Physics tells us that we are made of the same material as stars and also, at some point, everything that we are and see we will return to the black hole that stirs at the center of our galaxy.

I’ve added content to Chapter 1. and have added content to the following chapter.

If you like my story, please share this link with those that you know.

Thank you for your support!



Hello All,

You may have already received notification of a newly uploaded chapter but if you haven’t it is available.


Hello All, 

 I’m encouraged by the new followers who are spreading the word on Inkshares. I’m also witnessing a steady increase of supporters who are readily laying down hard earned cash to help bring my story into the public eye. 

 The contest is still underway. Alysha, Bethany, Nicola, and Peter are currently tied. Keep up your excellent efforts! I’m also working on something for those that have purchased multiple pre-orders. 

 Brian Toombs, a childhood friend, is masterfully crafting the cover for The Birds Road. I’ll add his work to the page as soon as it is available. 

 Once again, thank you all for choosing to be a part of my creation. If you are able, please continue to share this work. 


Hello All,

I would like to thank www.indianapolissignworks.com for rapidly printing and assembling promotional items for me. Also, many thanks to www.missionuprising.com for allowing me to share my story and plug this venture.

I spent Saturday and Sunday with Mission Uprising at Spring Hill Camp for their annual Father Son Camp. I had the opportunity to promote The Birds Road and also offered a flintlock rifle demonstration. It was great being in the woods again with the people who encouraged me to begin sharing my experiences. 

As many of you know, I make things. Some of these things are pretty cool. So, in an effort so sell pre-orders, I am starting a contest this week.

Whoever is connected to the most pre-orders (I can see who you are) over the next four weeks will receive one of my hand-stitched leather bags. These bags generally sell for $400. Examples of these bags can viewed on my website www.sharekgadd.com . So, go take a look at my wares, and get an idea of what type you would like to receive.

Once again, thank you for your support,


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