Dear Lucky Readers,

I’ve received a few questions about the status of Lucky recently, so I wanted to make sure everyone understands the "next steps" for this novel.

Firstly, I want to assure everyone that YES you will still receive your copy of this novel, once publication is complete. Since this is a crowd-funded project, production does not start until the funding period is over. (It’s like paying in advance for your subscription to National Geographic in that you send them the money, then in a month you get a new magazine.) 

So now we’re in the production phase of this process. This means that the first draft of the manuscript is currently being edited and rewritten. I sent the first seven chapters to my amazing Madam Editor Jessica this week, so content editing is well underway. After that, we will do a pass of line editing (the fancy grammar and spelling check). Then the manuscript will go to the Quill team for formatting, setting, and printing. All of this could take several months. My current estimation is that I will finish edits and rewrites by the end of November. From there, we will enter the production queue at Quill. My hope is that we will see production sometime in early 2017. 

I know this is all general information, but right now this is the best I have. I want to thank you all for your patience with, generosity to and faith in this project. I truly feel that I am the most blessed of all authors to have such supportive readers as all of you.

Stay tuned and happy reading!


Imlnct1j Jamison Stone · Author · added over 2 years ago
Very cool! Congrats!
Imlnct1j Jamison Stone · Author · added over 2 years ago
Very cool! Congrats!


I wanted to share something very exciting with you! 

(That’s the extent of my Photoshop skills, sorry.) 

See those red arrows? Those arrows are pointing to the #1 Most Community Interest in Space Opera. That’s our Lucky, right there, sitting at the top of the pile. And that’s all because of you, the readers. Take a moment today to treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee, a donut, or something special. You’ve made a difference in the life of an author and the luck (no puns, I swear) of a novel.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

- Webster

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Congratulations!!! What a great thing! You will be a published author!

I am so very happy for you!!!

Ferd   :D

Dearest Readers,

We’ve done it! I received an email last night letting me know that Lucky had reached her Quill goal of 250 copies. While this is a little (well, a lot) short of the 750 copies we were originally shooting for, there is still good news:


None of this would ever have been possible without the support of all the readers and all those who showed faith in this campaign and pre-ordered the novel. You all have my most sincere, most undying gratitude.

I’m currently working my way through all the important paperwork and will hopefully have a production timeline for you all soon!

Thanks a bazillion,

- RH Webster
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Hi, Readers,

As I’m sure some of you saw, I have cancelled the funding campaign for Children of the Teller. I will be focusing the majority of my efforts for the next few weeks on Lucky.

Lucky only has 15 days left to fund and is 420 copies short of our funding goals. The remedy to this is simple:
  1. Order your own personal copy of Lucky 
  2. Share Lucky with your family
  3. Convince your family to order their own personal copy of Lucky 
  4. Share Lucky with your friends
  5. Convince your friends to order their own personal copy of Lucky.
  6. Cheer as Lucky reaches the final funding goal of 750 copies and enters production.
In the State of Texas (where I live), it doesn’t matter who you vote for as President. The Texas vote is never half and half - the simple majority carries all votes into its camp. In American politics, this means Texans have a hard time making their voices heard.
This is not the case on Inkshares, however. Your support to one campaign like Lucky can be enough to lead to victory. Now is the time to band together and make a good thing happen in this world.

Happy reading!

- Webster
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Loving how this reads so far. I will preorder a copy once I get some more cash in!
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