RH Webster's latest update for Lucky

Aug 16, 2016

Hi, Readers,

As I’m sure some of you saw, I have cancelled the funding campaign for Children of the Teller. I will be focusing the majority of my efforts for the next few weeks on Lucky.

Lucky only has 15 days left to fund and is 420 copies short of our funding goals. The remedy to this is simple:
  1. Order your own personal copy of Lucky 
  2. Share Lucky with your family
  3. Convince your family to order their own personal copy of Lucky 
  4. Share Lucky with your friends
  5. Convince your friends to order their own personal copy of Lucky.
  6. Cheer as Lucky reaches the final funding goal of 750 copies and enters production.
In the State of Texas (where I live), it doesn’t matter who you vote for as President. The Texas vote is never half and half - the simple majority carries all votes into its camp. In American politics, this means Texans have a hard time making their voices heard.
This is not the case on Inkshares, however. Your support to one campaign like Lucky can be enough to lead to victory. Now is the time to band together and make a good thing happen in this world.

Happy reading!

- Webster