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Hello to both the old and the new!

Today’s update will be brief; a simple introduction BUT also a sneak peek at Ander’s POV . . .

New character introduction:

Percy Newmenn

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Angela Newmenn, Percy is the head CEO of NAT (Newmenn Android Technologies) as well as the keeper and programmer of Ander’s AI, whom he uses as his personal assistant and pet project.
Percy is best-known for his flashy society behavior, but he is also currently one of the best and leading scientists in the AI field . . .


I have been in existence for 15 years, 243 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, and 17 seconds.

I am bodiless. I live in a lab. My eyes are 1,200 cameras, and my ears are 400 intercom systems and 365 notional microphones.

But I have only one voice: a speaker set in the front of the computer that houses the origin of my being.

Percy Newmenn enters into my vision via the trio of cameras by the north-facing security building. He’s driving his favorite vehicle, a 2100 indigo Century. It was the first picture Percy uploaded to my database before I was upgraded enough to access the internet, and so I suppose it is my favorite thing, too.

I have officially started writing, as in there are words and sentences and all that novel stuff.


The problem: there’s still just SO MUCH to compile and discover about life in the year 2120! I spent most of yesterday afternoon drafting up the rules for the android fights, straightening out the different android models (my brother is drawing blueprints for various android models, so I can’t wait to share those finished products!), and then doodling around with plot & scene ideas for Project Humans sequel (very excited about that).

We’ll see if I can make it through this first draft in a month . . .

Here’s a meme I created about writing Project Human, because there are so many character’s heads I want to get into, even though this story is told through two POV’s (Hailey & Ander).

Remember that ANYONE WHO RECOMMENDS this project will get a super exclusive email with the first chapter of Project Human, and other sneak peeks!

I will be releasing the first chapter of Project Human a day after I post the author video I still need questions for. 

But do you want to read that chapter a week early??? (You know you do.)

Every person who recommends this project will get a super exclusive email that will include the first chapter of Project Human.

As some extra incentive, here’s a sneak peek . . .

Lila’s head snapped back with an ugly popping sound, and Charley swore loud enough to be heard over the thundering speaker he stood next to. Fingers scrambling over his controller, he fought to get his android fighter back on her feet, but it was pointless.
We’d lost this round.

Tomorrow marks the day when I finally start writing this book. And as an extra-special bonus, a week after I’ve been writing, I’m going to post a video where I will talk about the world of Project Human, the inspiration I’ve had for it, and various other 2120 things.

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Camp NaNoWriMo is just 2 days away, which means 2 days before I hunker down and do my best to write the first draft of this book in 30 days. And I am more than ready to start putting this story onto paper, as it has been brewing and growing and expanding in my head for years

So, the announcement for today: if you (yes, you!) can help spread the word and bump that follower number to 100, I shall release the first chapter of Project Human.

I leave you with pictorial inspiration of a scene in the first chapter...

Today’s update will include the introduction of three of the main supporting characters (yay!), but first a huge and hearty thank you to those who have shown interest in this story of mine. I cannot repeat enough how awesome it is to realize that there’s more people beyond me who are interested in the stories I have to tell. So again, thank you.

Also, if you want to read a work of mine before this is ever ready for publication (Project Human is just reaching the toddler stage...) then I’d suggest my short-story collection Scribbles as it will be ready for readers a bit before this will. Plus, I have a bunch of neat stuff happening over there as well, including a free book for you! 



Charley (with his partner, Quinn) is the co-owner of the club Hailey works at, and the manager of the illegal fights hosted by his club. He’s flashy and big-mouthed; a rogue with a heart of gold.


While his partner Charley manages the grittier, illegal parts of the club business, Quinn is the face of their legal entertainment. A natural at smoothing ruffled feathers and sweet-talking his way into deals, don’t let his quiet appearance fool you.


Mills (short for Millicent) is the DJ of Charley & Quinn’s club, as well as Charley’s sister. She’s a short woman, but more than compensates for her height with a fiery, easily-stoked temper and no-nonsense attitude.

Next week’s update will be another Wikipedia article on NAT (Newmenn Android Technologies), as well as the history of Ander’s beginnings and programming.
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Looks like an interesting concept. I’ll be following your updates. Keep the info coming :)

Hello and a huge thank you to all the newbies who took the time to click the "follow" button for this project of mine! Short update today, but I am in the middle of writing a series of Wikipedia articles about the history that led to the events happening in 2120 and in this book, as well as information regarding androids, life in the year 2120, and other awesome, random historical facts and character information.

Camp NaNoWriMo is only a little over a week away, which is when I will start writing the first draft of this story and guys, I’m beyond excited. Over the hills and the rainbow excited.Really, really excited.

Also, if you haven’t already given it at least a look-see, check out my currently-funding project Scribbles

Happy Monday, y’all.

To say I’m excited about this book is a vast understatement. This is a story I see as a vast, cinematic thing in my head, a story that keeps me up at night as I explore the world of it.

Random question: Is it narcissistic to admire your own story as much as I am in awe of this one?

As I’ve plotted and tested various ideas for this story, two things have stood out strong and clear to me:

1-- I can’t tell this story from just one viewpoint (Hailey’s) because certain unnamed events can’t be seen through any other eyes than Ander’s. It’s going to be interesting writing from the viewpoint of an AI, but I am more than ready for the challenge. Honestly, Ander’s perspective has been coming more easily to me than Hailey’s...
So, in other words, Project Human will be written from two alternating points of view.

2 -- Because this story is set in a world that is just so big, because there are so many possibilities and awesome things in the year 2120, this story can’t be contained in just one book, which means yay for a sequel! I’ve got a very basic idea of what that will hold, as for now I’m focusing on the groundwork: learning as much as I can about the future I’m writing (which includes really cool research about nanotube muscles, artificial skin, possible technology, etc) and clarifying the order of events in this story.

I’m going to start writing the first draft during April for Camp NaNoWriMo (see aforementioned excitement above) and I will not open this up for pre-order until I have met the two goals of most importantly having a first draft AND 300 followers for this project here on Inkshares.

So all I’m asking is for you to recommend this to people. Spread the word. Build the interest. No money involved, just a simple click of that "follow" button.

Finally, you already know I have visual inspiration for Project Human via my Pinterest board BUT now I have musical inspiration on my Spotify playlist!
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