Dear Sweethearts,

Happy Tuesday! I am writing you from a very comfortable seat on an Amtrak train on my way from New York up to Boston. I was asked to speak at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, to college students about How to Get Run Over by a Truck and the importance of resiliency, and I have been staring out the window during this whole trip trying really hard not to cry.  I am failing miserably. 

I’m crying because I cannot believe that this is my life. Gratitude sometimes spills out of me via tears - which in this particular case makes people very unlikely to take the seat next to me!  

Right now, some of you are already reading the ebook of this memoir, many of you will be receiving the hard copy of the book in a few days, in one week it will be in bookstores and in five days I will go with my family, my boyfriend and few friends to the corner where I was run over by a truck and I will drink champagne, I will cry, I will laugh and I will pour out some champagne for old Katie. Its going to be a full week :) 

Thank you again for being a part of this process, and for joining me on this incredible journey. I cannot believe that just 9 months ago I went from being told that no one would be interested in reading this book, to having over 2,600 copies sold before its release date! You are the people who made this dream a reality.  Without you, it would’ve stayed in the bottom drawer of my desk,collecting dust. You let it  come into the light. 

I hope that I will see many of you who are in the New York City area on October 4th at KGB Bar for the Book Launch party.  I would love to hug you and thank you in person for believing in me and in this project!

I’ll be thinking of you on October 2nd, with gratitude in my heart, and champagne in my hand.  Thank you for making my life a celebration. 



Happy Friday Sweethearts!

I hope that you all are doing well and that you are having a beautiful day so far! I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know some exciting news, and also to invite you to an event! 

I recently found out that a story that I wrote, "The Gift of Hope" that is a story based on "How to Get Run Over by a Truck, is going to be featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles Edition! This book will be coming out in November, and I am honored and so incredibly excited!

Also, I would like to invite all of you who are in Long Island and NY area to come to a reading that I am going to be having at The Dolphin Bookstore on October 13th, in Port Washington, New York! 

Here are the details:
October 13th
7:00 pm 
Dolphin Bookstore 
299 Main St
Port Washington NY 11050

You can find more information here, and you can also RSVP! It would be so wonderful to see you in person, and to thank you for pre-ordering this book and making my dream into a reality! 

I hope that you all have lovely weekends! 


Hello Sweethearts! 

I hope that you are doing well and that you’re having an exceptional day! I am sorry to be emailing you twice in one week, but this update was one that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

We have decided to update the cover of the book! The team at Inkshares thought that having a brighter and lighter cover would be more in the spirit of the book itself, so they updated it. I was just emailed the image moments ago, and I had to send it to you all immediately.

I didn’t think that I could love a cover more than the original cover, but I am so over the moon about this new version!  I hope that you like it too! 



Good Morning Sweethearts! 

I hope that you all are doing well and that you are having a wonderful summer!  I have a few exciting updates that I wanted to share with you all as the publication date gets closer and closer! 

Over the last few months we have seen independent, as well as corporate bookstores purchasing copies of How to Get Run Over by a Truck. With this push from these bookstores (as of today) we have pre-sold 2,450 books! Which is unbelievable! So unbelievable in fact, that when I got the email saying that over 2,000 books had been sold I threw my phone across the table at my friend Tommy and immediately started to cry (are we sensing a theme with how I handle good news?!)  

We have also seen more reviews of the book start to come in that I would love to share with you: 

"Katie McKenna has written an incredibly moving and insightful journey through her horrific medical trauma and painful rehabilitation. In courageously confronting her brokenness she reminds us of the inestimable value of faith, family, friends and a remarkable sense of humor. Her narrative emerges as a constant reminder that compassionately listening to the patient is the primary instrument of healing. This book should be required reading for all professionals who work in the field of medical trauma and rehabilitation."

Leo J. Shea III, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine NYU-Langone Medical Center

"Gripping, honest and full of humor, I couldn’t put Katie McKenna’s How to Get Run Over by a Truck down. At times I felt like I was listening to Katie recount her story as we shared a glass of wine, as it was incredibly personal and very real. Her clever blend of honesty and humor encourage the reader to reflect on their own approach to overcome challenges in their own life. She gives you perspective and strength by sharing her story." 

Sarah Lowell Harmon, LMHC, Wentworth Institute of Technology 

"How to Get Run Over by a Truck is one of the funniest, bravest memoirs I’ve ever read. I think we all wonder what would happen if we had to start over. Here is how one woman did it -- rebuilding her body and life by force of will and personality. It reminded me how humor truly is an act of grace."

  --John Freeman, editor of "Freeman’s" and author of "How to Read a Novelist." 

I cannot tell you how honored I am to have such incredible people take the time to read this book, and to  have such lovely things to say about it! 

The final piece of news that I have is that the book launch party for "How to Get Run Over by a Truck" will be on October 4th from 7:00 - 9:00, and I would be delighted if you could join us! Here are the details: 

KGB Bar 

85 East 4th Street

New York, NY 10003

There will be readings, a brief Q& A with me, and some time to talk afterwards! I hope that you can join us! 

Thank you again for your incredible support! None of this would have been possible without you!



Hello Sweethearts! 

I hope that you all are doing well and that your summer has been full of popsicles, time spent with people you love and lots of sunshine! Things have been progressing really well with How to Get Run Over by a Truck. We have been editing the manuscript itself, finalizing the cover, and sending out galley copies (the promotional copies of the book - not the final ones you’ll be getting :) to book reviewers and to bookstores! In some really fantastic news, the book has gotten a few really wonderful reviews that I’d love to share with you: 

"Katie McKenna’s beautiful, wrenching memoir reduced me to actual tears—and then, slowly, left me with a broad smile and a growing sense of wonder. This book starts out as the story of an accident, but it becomes a meditation on the preciousness of life, and the long road we all travel to become ourselves." —Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She’s Not There and Stuck in the Middle with You 

 "At times visceral and horrifying, at times heartbreaking and healing, and at times hilarious, McKenna’s memoir is a testament to the incredible resilience of the human spirit coming up against a crushing blow." —Hilary Angus, Managing Editor of Momentum Mag

 "...Unflinchingly honest, at times dark, and yet surprisingly funny — a delight to read." —Michael J. O’Loughlin, author of The Tweetable Pope: A Spiritual Revolution in 140 Characters 

I am over the moon that some of the people who have read it have really enjoyed it, and I CAN’T WAIT to share it with you! 

Also, another bit of exciting news is that we have recently sold the audiobook rights  Audible! The release date of the audio book is TBD, but I am so delighted about this opportunity, and so grateful to Inkshares for making this happen!

And lastly, I was recently featured in a podcast by the start-up company SpareMin! They  interviewed me about my memoir, and my experience writing it, how I wrote the book that I needed to read, and what the feedback has been:

The conversation with me starts at about 10:40, but listen to the whole podcast - its really great! 

Thank you all again for your incredible support and kindness, none of this would have happened without you!! You are too wonderful for words. 


Katie McKenna 

Dear Sweethearts,

I hope that you are doing well and that your Wednesday is off to a fantastic start! It is a perfect Spring morning here in Brooklyn, all bright blue skies and sparkling sunshine - absolutely perfect! 

I have a few really exciting things to share with you today. First of all, the final edits of the manuscript are in! Which is absolutely thrilling, and a little terrifying. I cannot wait to share this book with you all, and to hear what you think of it. 

Recently I had the pleasure of writing a short essay/article for the website Read It Forward called Writing as a Means of Survival. In the essay I spoke about how writing this memoir wasn’t just something I wanted to do, it was something I needed to do.  It was integral to my survival and to my healing. If you’ve ever wondered how or why I began writing this book, this article will absolutely give you some insights! After you’ve read it, please feel free to comment, or ask any questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, I just created a How to Get Run Over by a Truck Facebook page, which you can find here. I’ll be posting updates on events, articles, quotes, pictures - it’ll be awesome, I promise! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this update, and thank you again for being a supporter of this book. There have been so many beautiful and amazing things that have happened over these past few months, and I know that it is because of you and your belief in this memoir.  I am so grateful to you, and for you! 



Picture Elana Davis · Reader · edited about 4 years ago · 1 like
Darling Katie,
I am trying to wait patiently for your awesome book, but it is sooo difficult!! The cover is lovely. I am really looking forward to reading your complete adventure...during the summer would be perfect, since I’ll be in between classes. Keep me posted !

Dear Sweethearts, 

I hope that you are doing well and that you have had a wonderful Wednesday! I have been trying to not overwhelm you all with too many update emails, but I have a few things to tell you! 

I have been working on the edits of How to Get Run Over by a Truck, and it has been really incredible.  The editors at Girl Friday are so talented, and I cannot wait to share it with you! It will only be a few more months and you will have the book in your hot little hands.

The other more immediate news is that in collaboration with the designers at Girl Friday, we now have a fancy new cover! Do you love it? I LOVE IT! The photo that is on the cover is one that I took while on the Williamsburg Bridge about 4 years ago.  I remember the urgency I felt while taking that photo, I needed to capture that moment because I was so blown away by how beautiful the bridge looked.  I had walked over that bridge tons of times, but I had never really noticed the street art, and how pathway looked like it went on forever - it made me feel so joyful.  It was the perfect reminder that everything in life is better when you remember to look up. 

Thank you so much for your support, and I really hope that you like the new cover! 



Image Kacie Davis Idol · Author · added over 4 years ago
Hey there! I’m a fellow inkshares author, also being published this year! First of all, congrats on your book! My mom bought a copy and was telling me about it :) it sounds really awesome!

Hello and Happy Friday! 

I hope that you all are doing well, and that you’ve had a lovely week. The wheels have been set in motion to make "How to Get Run Over by a Truck" a real live book! It is so exciting to see how the whole book making machine works.  

Everyone at Inkshares has been absolutely phenomenal to work with - it has been SUCH a joy! I have had great conversations about the cover design, the editing process and also how we’ll be marketing the book. It is all really interesting, and has been a great process to watch and be a part of! I will keep you all in the loop as I get more and more information. 

I also had the honor of being interviewed by the Inkshares blog this past week. In the interview we talk about what inspired me to write the memoir, what was the most difficult chapter to write and most importantly - what I wanted to say to my funders (that’s you!). If you have a moment, I would love it if you gave it a read.

Thanks so much for your support, and for taking the time to read this update. I hope that you all have beautiful weekends!



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