Katie C. McKenna's latest update for How to Get Run Over by a Truck

Sep 27, 2016

Dear Sweethearts,

Happy Tuesday! I am writing you from a very comfortable seat on an Amtrak train on my way from New York up to Boston. I was asked to speak at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, to college students about How to Get Run Over by a Truck and the importance of resiliency, and I have been staring out the window during this whole trip trying really hard not to cry.  I am failing miserably. 

I’m crying because I cannot believe that this is my life. Gratitude sometimes spills out of me via tears - which in this particular case makes people very unlikely to take the seat next to me!  

Right now, some of you are already reading the ebook of this memoir, many of you will be receiving the hard copy of the book in a few days, in one week it will be in bookstores and in five days I will go with my family, my boyfriend and few friends to the corner where I was run over by a truck and I will drink champagne, I will cry, I will laugh and I will pour out some champagne for old Katie. Its going to be a full week :) 

Thank you again for being a part of this process, and for joining me on this incredible journey. I cannot believe that just 9 months ago I went from being told that no one would be interested in reading this book, to having over 2,600 copies sold before its release date! You are the people who made this dream a reality.  Without you, it would’ve stayed in the bottom drawer of my desk,collecting dust. You let it  come into the light. 

I hope that I will see many of you who are in the New York City area on October 4th at KGB Bar for the Book Launch party.  I would love to hug you and thank you in person for believing in me and in this project!

I’ll be thinking of you on October 2nd, with gratitude in my heart, and champagne in my hand.  Thank you for making my life a celebration.