Hi Everyone!

Three quick items I wanted to mention:  First, don’t forget that there’s a backer thank-you party this coming Monday night.  If you plan on coming, please RSVP at the facebook event page so I can get a good head count.  You can find the link here:


Second, all the preorders have shipped!  If you were a backer, and haven’t received an email with a tracking number, check your spam box.  If there’s nothing there, email hello@inkshares.com  They’ll be able to let you know where your copy or copies are!

It’s super fun seeing everyone posting about having gotten their copies on Facebook!

Lastly, if you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please consider heading over to Amazon to leave a review.  Amazon’s algorithms take into account the number of reviews received when deciding on "also bought," links and for emails.  I’d love to get up to 100 or so by the time the book releases on August 2.  You can find my product page on Amazon here:


Thanks again!

Backer Thank You Party!

Another update!  Crazy!  Save the date: July 18 from 6:30 to 8p at the Edythe Dyer Library in Hampden, I’ll be hosting a Backer Thank-You party!

Swing on by and say hello!  If you’d like your copy signed, I can do that for you.  If you wouldn’t like your copy signed, I can accommodate that, too!

RSVP here so I can plan the proper amount of munchies:  https://www.facebook.com/events/538821839652708/

See you then!



Hi everyone!  Guess what?  We just reviewed the ebook files (both kindle and epub), and they’re looking pretty sweet.  What does this mean?  An early weekend present for all my backers - the ebook should be downloadable by this Friday, so if you’d like to dive into the story over the holiday weekend, you can!  Huzzah!

To access the ebook, you must return to www.inkshares.com, log in, and when you click on your profile picture (top right hand corner), select "Bookshelf."  From there you’ll be able to download the book to your computer (or other device).  Then transfer the file into whatever folder holds your ebooks, and boom, you’re good to go!

In other news, the physical books are in as well, and should be shipping out some time in the next week or so.  So if you’d rather have the feel of paper between your fingers, it’s not that much longer of a wait.

For those of you who live in the Maine area, look for a backer thank you party soonish, as well as possible events at Bull Moose stores.  I’ll be sure to let you know!

One last thing - in a few weeks I’m going to be leaning on you all to do me one more favor: post reviews on Amazon (and Goodreads, if you’ve got an account).  Amazon’s algorithms  take into account, among other things, the number of reviews a book has when it is deciding what to include in email newsletters, as well as "you may also like..." links.  They don’t have to be long, they don’t have to be good (though remember what your mother said about not having anything nice to say), they just have to be.  So look for that harassment in the coming weeks, as soon as the book officially goes live over there.

Thanks again for your support!  I’m so excited to deliver the book to you that you blindly ordered almost a year ago.  Super cool.


Hey everyone!

So last week I teased you about some other exciting piece of information.  Well here it is:

We’ve sold the audiobook rights to Audible!  So in addition to ebook and paperback, we’ll be able to follow Allison and her friends’ journey while driving, walking the dog, or doing whatever else it is that people do when listening to ebooks.

Before you ask, I have no idea who’s doing to be performing it.  Audible takes care of all of that.  I just smile, wave, and wait to see what happens.

Thanks again for all your support.  Just a month from this Saturday is ebook day!  Perfect July 4 back yard reading!


Hi Everyone!

Quick bit of exciting news - the file is off to the printer today.  There is no officially nothing to be done other than sit on my hands and wait for my babies to come back home.  The initial print run is going to be eight thousand copies.  So tell everyone you know to buy one too.  We need to move some inventory!

I’m also sitting on another exciting piece of news just waiting for final confirmation - look for another update in the next several days.


Hey folks!

Do you like blurbs?  I LOVE blurbs!

Here are the ones that will be showing up in some form on It’s All Fun and Games’ cover:

  "What would I do if my favorite fantasy world came to life? It’s a question every nerd has asked him or herself, and Dave Barrett answers it in a tremendously fun, well-written story of swords, sorcery, and survival."  - Dan Casey, Senior Editor of Nerdist

"It’s All Fun and Games is as much a nostalgia trip for grownup gamers as it is a gateway drug for the next generation. The pop-culture references bridge the gap between geek parents and their kids. Dave Barrett writes with all the joy and love of a nerd who runs games for his kids—while cracking Dad Jokes. The result is a rollicking good portal fantasy starting with boffer swords instead of d20s." - Dave Gross, author of Lord of Runes  

"It’s All fun and Games is one of those rare books that makes you wonder if around every corner magic and adventure await. Kids and adults alike will find themselves swept away into the world Mr. Barrett has created." — Shannon Mayer, USA Today Best-selling author of the Rylee Adamson series

 "It’s fun and exciting to get lost in a fantasy world while roleplaying. It’s All Fun And Games shows that getting lost in one for real might not be as fun, but it’s no less exciting!" — Jon Verrall, co-creator of hit Geek & Sundry web series LARPs

In other news, the edit and design work is pretty well done, so next step is off to the printer - probably some time late next week - and then about a month and a half for manufacturing and shipping back to the warehouse.  We’re right on target for backers to get their books mid-July, with the e-books coming out a little it before.

Don’t forget you can follow the book and me on Facebook and Twitter!

Again, thanks for all your support.  It means the world to me!


The update in which I ask you to buy other people’s stuff...

Hi everyone!  No shameless self-promotion this update.  Instead, I want to point out to you a few projects that I would like you to take a look at.

First and foremost, JF Dubeau’s second novel on Inkshares, A God in the Shed, is nearing the end of its campaign.  He has 4 days left to sell 14 copies.  I read his first novel, The Life Engineered, and gave it a rousing 5 stars.  This guy can write.  If you’ve got some extra scratch laying around, please toss it his way to get this book published.  You won’t regret it.

Second, Amanda Orneck, who I still owe at least one firstborn (if not two), for helping me with my interim cover during the Nerdist Contest, has a novel funding as well, called Deus Hex Machina.    It’s a Shadowrun-esque world, and the first bits I’ve read are great.  I’ve also read her first novel, Shadow of the Owl, which I really enjoyed (as has everyone I know who has read it...the ebook is only 99 cents at amazon - check it out).  DHM’s got a bit more left in her funding period, but she still needs people to commit to her project.  Take a look.

Lastly, something that came across my Twitter feed is a Kickstarter unrelated to Inkshares.  You may remember my championing Sadie McGrady back in the fall - empowering little girl-people is pretty important.  Kazoo Magazine is in its last week or so of funding, and still needs a whole herd of people to get on board.  It’s targeted at girls ages 5-10, so if you’ve got one or more of those in your life, take a look.

Thanks for reading.  I promise to self-promote much more in my next update!


Happy Spring everyone!

So things have been progressing nicely with the project, and since I’ve got some more info for you I thought I’d pass it along.

First, you can now find It’s All Fun and Games on both B&N and Amazon’s web pages.  The book obviously isn’t out yet, but it’s cool to see it available for preorder on the big sites.

Second, we are getting ever closer to having the finished product.  After copy editing was done we moved into proofreading, and that process is now done as well.  So the book is pretty much in its final form.  The amount of care that went into every step of the editing process was amazing - the proofreader actually caught a letter out of a word that wasn’t italicized when the rest was.  Talk about professionalism!  The editing team over at Girl Friday has been great!

So where are we now?  Well, the marketing work has begun.  The folks over at Inkshares and The Nerdist have been sending out galleys to influencers and other folks who might be willing to write blurbs for the novel.  We’re hoping to get a couple great quotes to stick on the cover before we go to print.  Speaking of which, at the beginning of May the cover, with all the text added, will be finalized and the files will be sent to the printer.  Copies have also been going to bookstores, book clubs, etc., drumming up interest for the book once it is released.  

The printed books will be in San Fran by the end of June, with backer copies going out not long afterwards and the book in Bookstores August 2.  Ebooks will be available early July as well, so folks will be able to get started even before getting the physical copy.  

The marketing blitz will be starting up in another month or two as well.  Inkshares has so far been keeping cards close to the chest in terms of initial print run, so your guess is as good as mine, but the sense I’m getting is that most, if not all, of the stops are being pulled out.  Super cool.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how you can help promote It’s All Fun and Games!   I’m glad you asked!  There are a couple things we can do now before the book comes out.  

First, don’t forget to join me on Facebook here and Twitter @llabak.  Then, you can share updates and tweets with your own social networks.

Second, if you use Goodreads, you can do a few different things:

- Add the book to your list of "Want to Reads"  The book page is here.

- Share the book with your other Goodreads friends.  Inkshares is sponsoring a giveaway - 5 copies of the advance galley will be given out in a random draw of all those entering.  It’s an advance copy, so you can enter too and get the book before all your friends!

- Vote for It’s All Fun and Games on the Goodreads lists, and ask your friends to do the same.  If you visit this page here you’ll see a bunch of lists that it is a part of.  A couple dozen votes in each of those may help increase visibility and create an avalanche effect as more people gain interest.  

So that’s where we stand.  I also want to remind everyone that Inkshares and the Nerdist are continuing to partner for more contests.  The last contest, for a Space Opera, just recently ended with the top three books getting right around 300 buyers.  There is a new contest that just got started for Hard Sci-Fi, sponsored by Geek and Sundry (a Nerdist sister company).  If you’ve been sitting on a novel (or even an idea that you’ve been toying with), go for it!  The funding mechanism has changed a little bit, but it’s still super doable.

Thank you all again for your support!


Hi everyone!  

Just wanted to give you a quick update - the Copy Edits are done!  My Copy Editor Michael Trudeau over at GFP did an absolutely bang-up job, not just cleaning up grammar and such but finding some rather embarrassing inconsistencies in the text.  He also highlighted a number of passages that could be confusing to a first-time reader, and I got all those cleaned up.  The final product keeps getting better and better.

So next steps:  The copy edited manuscript is getting "poured" into galley format.  This means that the book is finally going to start looking like a book!  It’s in this galley format that the final proofreading gets done, and there will be a limited print run so we’ll have copies to send as promos to elicit blurbs.  I’m planning on dropping a copy off over at Stephen King’s house...wouldn’t it be cool if he gave us a quote to put on the front cover?

This phase of the process is budgeted to last through March, and then mid-April it gets sent to the printer.

I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but you can follow me on twitter @llabak and you can find It’s All Fun and Games on Facebook here.  

We recently lowered the ebook price to $5.99, so if you know someone who might be interested, by all means spread the word.  New Inkshares members are still receiving a $5 credit, so the ebook is only $.99 (and the trade paperback is $8.99).  The first time someone orders any particular book from Inkshares using your referral code you get $15 in credit with which to support another up-and-coming author.  It’s a win-win!

Thank you again for all your support through this process!


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