Dave Barrett's latest update for It’s All Fun and Games

Apr 18, 2016

The update in which I ask you to buy other people’s stuff...

Hi everyone!  No shameless self-promotion this update.  Instead, I want to point out to you a few projects that I would like you to take a look at.

First and foremost, JF Dubeau’s second novel on Inkshares, A God in the Shed, is nearing the end of its campaign.  He has 4 days left to sell 14 copies.  I read his first novel, The Life Engineered, and gave it a rousing 5 stars.  This guy can write.  If you’ve got some extra scratch laying around, please toss it his way to get this book published.  You won’t regret it.

Second, Amanda Orneck, who I still owe at least one firstborn (if not two), for helping me with my interim cover during the Nerdist Contest, has a novel funding as well, called Deus Hex Machina.    It’s a Shadowrun-esque world, and the first bits I’ve read are great.  I’ve also read her first novel, Shadow of the Owl, which I really enjoyed (as has everyone I know who has read it...the ebook is only 99 cents at amazon - check it out).  DHM’s got a bit more left in her funding period, but she still needs people to commit to her project.  Take a look.

Lastly, something that came across my Twitter feed is a Kickstarter unrelated to Inkshares.  You may remember my championing Sadie McGrady back in the fall - empowering little girl-people is pretty important.  Kazoo Magazine is in its last week or so of funding, and still needs a whole herd of people to get on board.  It’s targeted at girls ages 5-10, so if you’ve got one or more of those in your life, take a look.

Thanks for reading.  I promise to self-promote much more in my next update!