A quick update, I promise.  Just wanted to let everyone know that a friend of mine has a new book out!  If you’re a fan of the Geekomancy series, pick up Hexomancy ASAP.  And if you’re new to the series, pick up the first book, Geekomancy, and enjoy some amazingly awesome urban geek fantasy.

Or check out one of the most innovative books I’ve read in a long time, Shield and Crocus.  Think superheroes meets fantasy meets epicness.

Mike’s got plenty of other excellent books but I don’t wanna overwhelm you with a tide of literary awesomeness..  Be sure to check out his website for his other titles.

And, as always, don’t forget to support 3point8.


Flock of Links:

Hexomancy: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/hexomancy/

Geekomancy: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/geekomancy/

Shield and Crocus: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/shield-and-crocus/

Michael Underwood: http://michaelrunderwood.com/

3point8: http://bit.ly/3p8novel

Merry Monday Mates,

Any early update this week cause a lot is going on...forgive me for giving you something else to read on a Monday.  First off, 3point is currently in 11th place.  We need 11 new readers to break into the top 10 again and we need 94 to get into the top 5.  Sounds like a lot but I know we can do it if we get the word out.

Secondly, my most excellent friend Pat had a very good suggestion, that I should share Piper’s story on Imgur.  I think he was dead on with that, especially since Jaimee and I haven’t talked a lot about what happened the night Piper passed away.  If you’re interested in some story time reading (with pictures) check it out.  And if you’re an Imgurian, consider upvoting.

Thirdly, Nerdist posted about the contest and included my pitch for 3point8 (I misunderstood that it would be on the video segment).  It’s weird to see my name on the Nerdist site but you can check it out here.

Fourthly, my favorite podcast of all time, The Grapes of Rad, was kind enough to mention the book in their latest episode (#277).  I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but, knowing Aaron and Nick, it’ll be awesome.  Check it out here or download it on iTunes…and yes, this is for adults only, little ones and those with delicate sensibilities should probably skip the Grapes (which is sad because they’re hilarious, awesome and downright solid blokes).

Finally, I’ve been asked what happens if I don’t win the contest.  Well, the first step would be to get it published the standard Inkshares way…with at least 750 preorders (difficult I know).  If that doesn’t come together, I will be sending the book out to publishers…while I’m very hopeful we’ll end up being in the top 5 of the Nerdist contest, I won’t give up on 3point8 even if we don’t win.

As always, thanks for reading through this and supporting.  I’m still in disbelief by all the love and support we’ve seen during this campaign…you all are the best.




Link Bonanza:

3point8 Page: http://bit.ly/3p8novelS

Imgur Post: http://imgur.com/gallery/vmbN0

Nerdist Post:http://nerdist.com/the-top-10-novel-pitches-in-the-inkshares-sci-fi-and-fantasy-contest/

Grapes of Rad #277: http://www.grapesofrad.com/277/


Friends, Readers, Cryptids,

We’ve got a very cool, and extremely unique, update for you all today.  A talent author, by the name of Paul Inman, was kind enough to record an audio excerpt from 3point8.  It’s pretty amazing to see someone’s take on the material.  Check it out here!

Also, make sure to check out Paul’s other projects on Inkshares.  His book, Ageless, is currently in production and available to pre-order.  He’s also the coauthor of MOTOR CITY CHRONICLES - BOOK ONE: TRANSGRESSION   which you can support on Inkshares right now as well.

Be sure to check his stuff out, I know I’ll be ordering both projects…and, as always, 3point8 is available for pre-order here.


3point8  Audio Excerpt: https://youtu.be/Iiqdv836kj4

3point8  Pre-Orders: http://bit.ly/3p8novel

Paul Inman: https://www.inkshares.com/paul-inman

Ageless: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/ageless

Motor City Chronicles: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/motor-city-chronicles-book-one-transgressions

Better a late update than none at all! I blame the holiday. 

First, an update on pre-orders and the contest. Sadly things have slowed down. Currently, 3point8 is sitting in the 9th/10th spot…and yes, we’re close to slipping out of the top ten completely. If you’ve been waiting to order, or know someone who is, now is the time! Being in the top 10 is actually a huge help, we get additional promotion and exposure thanks to the Nerdist. 

Which brings us to the second item this week, Nerdist News will be highlighting the top 10 books this week. I’ll be linking to it when it goes live…I’m assuming it’ll be part of the video update. It’s weird to think that Jessica Chobot (someone you may know from G4, Mass Effect 3 or the Bizarre States podcast) might be mentioning my book. 

Last bit of news, I’m posting new excerpts of the book to Inkshares. These are just a few sample sections of the story to give potential readers a taste. Just follow the link below to check them out! 


Thanks again for your interest, time and support. As always, if you have any questions you can reach me at 3point8.novel@gmail.com 

 3point8 Page: bit.ly/3point8novel 

Author FB Page: bit.ly/MMelilli 

Dear Guys/Gals/Misc/Supernatural Entities or Aliens in Disguise,

Just wanted to give everyone an update on how 3point8 is doing.  As of this writing, we’ve hit 177 pre-orders with 105 unique readers.  That puts 3point8 at number 7 in the top ten.  Remember, we need to be in the top 5 come September 30th,and the competition is closing fast, so please encourage everyone you know to order!  And don’t forget to remind them to sign up for an Inkshares account first so they get $5 off…that means the book will only cost them $4.99!

I also wanted to tease that I’m planning to post a new excerpt along with next week’s update, so keep an eye out for that.

Also, I’d encourage everyone to check out other books on Inkshares besides my own, especially if you love to read.  There’s some great stuff your credit and dollars can go towards.  Personally, I had to back Polybius by John Hex Carter…who doesn't love conspiracies, urban legends and video games? 

Finally, thanks again for all your support…and despite having said that over and over, I truly mean it.  To say I’ve been overwhelmed would be an understatement.

- A Still Flabbergasted Michael Melilli

Dear Guys/Gals/Misc/Supernatural Entities or Aliens in Disguise,

First off, fear not, I will not be spamming you with updates every day…only when there’s big news and today there is.

Overnight we jumped all the way to the 6th spot in the contest.  I still can’t believe it. Just need to go up one more spot and hold that position till September 30th!  I can’t thank you all enough.

Also, looks like I misunderstood the contest a bit…it’s not based on number of pre-orders but the number of unique readers.  For all of you awesome people that ordered multiple copies, I won’t be offended if you switch to just one copy (and it won’t affect the contest).  Or, if you do want multiple copies, feel free to have everyone order one for themselves…wives, kids, roommates, facility maintenance people, pets…whoever.  They just need to use their own email.

Also, I got this great message from my buddy Josh about how to make ordering even more affordable.  It won’t affect my contest ranking in the least! 

“If you just can't spare ten bucks, make an account on Inkshares and they will give you $5 to use toward the book. Even better, 'follow' and 'recommend' the book to your friends on Facebook and twitter and they will give you $15 in credits for each person who buys the book. It's a wild and crazy win for everyone!”

Again, can’t thank you all enough…I’ve been stunned by your support.

- A Flabbergasted Michael Melilli

First of all, I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and this project.  It's been overwhelming to how many of you have pre-ordered "3point8" or spread the word.

After a lot of thought, I've decided that, should this book get published and I make any money, 50% of anything I receive will go to Forever Footprints (http://www.foreverfootprints.org/).  They’re an amazing organization that works to support families that have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.

Besides providing support and education, Forever Footprints also has a program that donates Memory Boxes to families and hospitals.  While I’m not sure they put Piper’s memory box together, I do know that it’s become a treasured remembrance of our little girl.  Having something tangible to hold on to makes a big difference.

This book started as a healing exercise for myself.  If it can help others as well, if Piper’s death can help bring light to other parents who are hurting,  it would mean the world to me.

If you’d like to support this organization directly (either with money or materials), you can do so here: http://www.foreverfootprints.org/how-you-can-help/donate/

Thanks again for your support!