Michael Melilli's latest update for 3point8

Aug 27, 2015

Dear Guys/Gals/Misc/Supernatural Entities or Aliens in Disguise,

First off, fear not, I will not be spamming you with updates every day…only when there’s big news and today there is.

Overnight we jumped all the way to the 6th spot in the contest.  I still can’t believe it. Just need to go up one more spot and hold that position till September 30th!  I can’t thank you all enough.

Also, looks like I misunderstood the contest a bit…it’s not based on number of pre-orders but the number of unique readers.  For all of you awesome people that ordered multiple copies, I won’t be offended if you switch to just one copy (and it won’t affect the contest).  Or, if you do want multiple copies, feel free to have everyone order one for themselves…wives, kids, roommates, facility maintenance people, pets…whoever.  They just need to use their own email.

Also, I got this great message from my buddy Josh about how to make ordering even more affordable.  It won’t affect my contest ranking in the least! 

“If you just can't spare ten bucks, make an account on Inkshares and they will give you $5 to use toward the book. Even better, 'follow' and 'recommend' the book to your friends on Facebook and twitter and they will give you $15 in credits for each person who buys the book. It's a wild and crazy win for everyone!”

Again, can’t thank you all enough…I’ve been stunned by your support.

- A Flabbergasted Michael Melilli