Michael Melilli's latest update for 3point8

Sep 15, 2015

A quick update, I promise.  Just wanted to let everyone know that a friend of mine has a new book out!  If you’re a fan of the Geekomancy series, pick up Hexomancy ASAP.  And if you’re new to the series, pick up the first book, Geekomancy, and enjoy some amazingly awesome urban geek fantasy.

Or check out one of the most innovative books I’ve read in a long time, Shield and Crocus.  Think superheroes meets fantasy meets epicness.

Mike’s got plenty of other excellent books but I don’t wanna overwhelm you with a tide of literary awesomeness..  Be sure to check out his website for his other titles.

And, as always, don’t forget to support 3point8.


Flock of Links:

Hexomancy: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/hexomancy/

Geekomancy: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/geekomancy/

Shield and Crocus: http://michaelrunderwood.com/books/shield-and-crocus/

Michael Underwood: http://michaelrunderwood.com/

3point8: http://bit.ly/3p8novel