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It arrived and looks GREAT!
And Shiro approves, for whatever that’s worth :)

Hello fellow undead friends...

So, we enter winter finally. The time with the longest night of the year. It’s also the time that you’ve all finally gotten your books after all this time. So, before I start sacrificing small chickens to get reviews from people... let’s get you reading. Here is what you need to know!

The Digital Ebook... Mobi, PDF, Kindle versions will be available for all you backers THIS FRIDAY! Early! When the time comes, you’ll be able to download them from your Inkshares bookshelf by clicking HERE and signing in with the same email or facebook login you used to order the book. Simply click on your picture to the right, and download your style. I’m sure that there will be an email sent out from inkshares about it. 

The physical book should be shipping soon, or very soon. Check your email, check your spam folders and make sure that you got a confirmation email of shipping address. Hopefully, you all get them in time for this:

Feel free to bring your books to the event and I’ll gladly sign them! 

I’ll also be at Midwinter Gaming Convention in 7 days and Emerald City Comic Con in early March. 

For now, I just want to issue a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who helped me out in the contest over a year ago to bring things to where they are now. Now it’s time for you guys to finally enjoy some apocalyptic fiction and me to keep writing!

Thank you so much everyone!

~Rick Heinz


Food Holiday is over! I hope everyone loaded up and then promptly slept like lions. Then came the blackest of black Fridays where humans stampede over each other in a time honored ritual of consumerism. 

Now, as we continue our march of metal holidays into the land of illuminated trees, impractically wide candles, and finally putting 2016 in it’s grave--there is one more holiday that needs to be highlighted: 

Krampus Day.


St. Nick’s counterpart. The Half-Goat Half-Demon comes on December 5th and his soul purpose is to give children who misbehaved the gift of murder. That, or coal. You see, right before St. Nick’s day on December 6th, Krampus comes out on the night before hand and rather than reward children, he gives terrible presents instead as a reminder. 

If you are curious at just how awesome Krampus day can be over in Europe, check out this video of a parade. (I am going to try some embedded HTML code below and I don’t know if it will work. There is no preview feature on these updates)




Just a quick update today. I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and engaged in the acquisition of wine and treats! I couldn’t post it last week, so, even if it’s a bit late... here is an article I wrote for Geek & Sundry about Legends of Halloween

As for me, activities over the past week netted me this picture: (Painting by Eric Vernor)


As for Seventh Age news:

  • Today we are hosting The Second City Shuffle, a one-night Live Action game set in the world of the Seventh Age. I’ll be posting pictures in the next update. 
  • We’ve got all our early blurbs and endorsements in, and the cover is being finalized. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this early! I’m saving the actual quotes until we get closer to launch date.
  • NanoWrimo is underway, and I’m working on the creation of a cyberpunk world for a game. It’s pretty damn neat!
  • My sequel, Seventh Age: Dystopia is fully outlined with scene by scene, chapter, and character guides. I’m applying new techniques that I learned over the course of writing the first book!

Alright. That’s it! I’m off to go be a massive geek and roleplay Patrick O’Neil for a night!

Halloween Update! Today’s lore is going to be about Vampires... because... well..

So... onto The Staking of Vampires

Vampires have undergone significant evolution since their initial debuts in legend. The book, Vampire Evolution from Myth to Modern Day, covers their transformation in great detail. From old tales depicting vampires as reanimated corpses, wraiths dressed in tattered burial shrouds, or even Japanese folklore. But commonly today, the stake through the heart is seen as a metaphorical silver bullet to the vampire. From catatonic immobilization to instant destruction—the current legend is flashier than its origin.

The belief was that corpses, were crawling out of their coffins, and feasting on their relatives. So burial practices simply advised nailing the corpse to the bottom of the coffin. It didn’t need to be wood or even through the heart. A steel stake or a rock, driven through the rib cage would suffice—almost like pitching a tent. Which, ultimately, seems a lot smarter than trying to stake a vampire who is currently active and wields powers of the undead. A bit of pre-emptive action and safety measures regarding the undead never hurt anyone. 

Next week I’ll cover Trick-Or-Treating or the Witchfinder General. I’m saving some Seventh Age news for later and closer to launch date. So for now..

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Great job Rick! Can’t wait to read it!
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Well done, you!

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Elfein mabrook!!
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2000 is a lot of things.
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