March 6, 2018
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Ruth Liz Savage!
Coming for you and those illustrated panels.
That’s why it’s called a deadline.

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screwed up that link for the skinning volume:
fresh cuts 2: the Skinning Volume

Valentine’s Day is right around the bend. It’s a special holiday with all the blood red colors and the raw beating hearts freshly pulled from the newly dead...not as fun as Halloween, but certainly a day for lovers. Of murder. 

So give your lover chills for Valentine’s Day by gifting them these anthologies of delectable horror stories from Dean Fearce and his Black Hat Writers Group cohorts.


Get the Kindle versions for $.99 on promotion this week.

fresh cuts: the Breaking Volume

fresh cuts 2: the Skinning Volume

In other news, Murder is Happening! (See what I did there?) The manuscript for Murder Happens is progressing well. I’ve been meeting my weekly numbers to have it finished this spring. Whether that would put the book in your hands this year or not is hard to say, but wouldn’t that be great? I think so.


It’s been a month and you probably enjoyed the quiet time, but wanted to let you know things are progressing well with Murder Happens. Gave myself a 4-month deadline, now one-month into it since the contest ended, and got a solid 40K done in that time. It’s all revisions, rewrites and new material. When draft two is done, will hand it off to Joan the Editor before putting it into the queue for the Inkshares dev/editing process.

Joan has another freebie for your kindle. The Dolls is my favorite horror short of hers. It’s really creepy. We tried to have it for Halloween, but some kind of crazy life thing happened.

Mike and I are still together, btw. It was tough, but he forgave me for that last minute pre-order that jumped MRDR HPPNS into 1st place…one ahead of The Vampire and the Dragon. He’s been sharing the plot premise of the trilogy which is a complete spoiler for me, but they’re going to be awesome for the rest of you. Guess that’s my payback.

Check out @deanfearce or my Facebook for the hell of it. 

Lou A Craig won the MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS giveaway. The random generator delivered 44 and it was Lou’s number. It’s ordered and shipped and although i overpaid for my copy at the tiny bookstore where I live, the Amazon version was about half the cost. That’s all I got to say tonight. Fancy that. Oh, wait, why you’re waiting for your copy of Murder Happens to get published, go check out GLAM and follow it. That’s all the huckstering you’re gonna get out of me tonight.


That was one hell of a finish!
The good news is we won the Inkshares Horror Contest by one pre-order (138).
My bro Michael Welch came in 2nd with 137.
The bad news is no one is getting a refund.
I’m in awe of all you wonderful people. Thank you for your support.
Big shout out to Amy who called Alyssa who tossed the Hail Mary at 4:56 p.m. PDT, and pushed Murder Happens to the top for, what was it, the 8th time today?
Thank you all so much for making this happen for me.
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Way to go, Dean!!! 😘

20 minutes to go...we’re tied at order can determine the outcome


This day has come at last. The final hours of the Inkshares Horror contest. My Facebook friends are exhausted. Sorry folks. It has been a carnival thrill ride and it’s almost over. You all have to be done with me by now too!

And whatever happens at the end, thank you all for your support. And to the other contestants, I’m proud to be included with such esteemed company. Thank you for pushing so hard…I guess. And best of luck…starting tomorrow.


Let the writing time arise again and the huckstering time scab over to a distant painful memory. Looking forward to burying my introverted self into the bowels of Murder Happens, as crappy as that sounds. Amen

The End is Near…
The competition for the top 3 spots in the Inkshares Horror contest is intense. I don’t anticipate this will sway you if you haven’t bought a pre-order for Murder Happens, but I said there would be a giveaway for Emil Ferris’ MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS. It will be Tuesday evening once the contest winds up. If you do decide to support MH, you will be entered onto the list. I really enjoyed the graphic novel, and wanted to share it with you all. $40 value. Just saying.

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