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Awesome! Thanks, Dean!

******* FREE STUFF AT THE BOTTOM! *******

Wow, that Launchpad Contest was a wild ride. Looks like this Horror Contest might get scary too!

Like when Mike’s Vampire and the Dragon blew past me into first place. Felt good at the top for a couple days. It’s okay being his wingman. I ain’t ashamed to admit there’s a little man crush going on. Who knows, maybe we could team up for a writing project. That might be interesting. 

What do you think?

If you’re so inclined to pre-order Murder Happens, now is a good time to step up. I’ll be forever grateful to all who have supported this project...and helping me work out my mommy issues.The excerpts of Murder Happens have been getting good reviews. If you haven’t had a chance to read them—the reviews and/or the excerpts—go check them out. Really appreciate getting feedback, too.

Spent the last week working on one particular chapter. It’s deep into the book, so unlikely I’ll post it, but I can share a bit of my process. 

My day job takes up a lot of time and the huckstering for pre-orders takes up the rest. That’s my process! Oh, and checking the leaderboard constantly, that’s the biggest time suck. 

BRB…okay, still in 2nd.

Murder Happens is a complete manuscript. I finished it a few years back. Using it more as an outline and rewriting all the chapters. I squeeze in an hour or so in the evening, a day off here and there. And the weekends as much as possible around my chores…like checking the leaderboard. 

Okay…still in 2nd. 

I use Scrivener. It’s great. Also capture notes and ideas with my phone when they hit. That’s usually in the middle of the night. Without the day job, I would probably get up at 4 a.m., put in 5,000 words or so, then call it quits and binge on Netflix. Okay, probably 500 words. 

Revising never ends. I spend a lot of time on one sentence or a paragraph until it rings true. I read aloud to myself or anyone else who’ll listen. Highly recommend it. Your ear hears what your brain ignores. Sure, I make stuff up all the time, but I’m reading this update out loud right now.

As a writer, I haven’t settled on a genre yet. I’m a genre bender. But what about gender bending? I wrote a short story called Glams vs Red Plaids. I wrote it with the intention of weaving it into the larger plot line of a novel. 

The story is FREE Thursday through Sunday so grab the Kindle version and download it. It’s what I have to give now to show my appreciation for your support. 

Joan calls it dystopian biopunk. It has gender issues with a battle of the sexes, all three of them.

Fun, right?

Go check it out, doesn’t cost a thing because I’m crushing on all of you.

If you don’t like my story, then check out The Dog of Jesus that pops up when I go to the page. It’s got 176 reviews. Glams vs Red Plaids has none, so there’s that...

One more thing,  a great big shout out to Mike Ostrowski because he’s an awesome dude. His book Lost in the Fog is a crime thriller the way it should be done.

Here’s a link to Glams vs Red Plaids, go download a FREE story:

Here’s a link to Murder Happens, go pre-order:

Here’s a link to Lost in the Fog, go buy a copy:

Here’s a link to The Vampire and the Dragon, go pre-order if you already pre-ordered Murder Happens.
A man crush only goes so far :o)

Now get outta here!

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Oooh, I love this story! So creepy. Joan is amazing!


This is a HAPPY HALLOWEEN present to all the Murder Happens followers from Joan Reginaldo, my editor.

Joan and I met 8 years ago and with Ernest Ortiz, we formed the Black Hats Writers Group.

I’ve been getting outstanding reviews for Murder Happens, but the truth is she’s a better writer and the driving force behind my success and many other successful writers.

Click the link to download her chilling YA ghost story.

The Girls is FREE until Monday.

A friend of mine posted this call for submissions for short stories. Sounds like a fascinating project. 
Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People

so, OMG, Murder Happens is 2 pre-orders away from 100!
the next two orders will get a free gift
a paperback copy of fresh cuts2: the skinning volume
it’s a volume of short stories by the Black Hats Writers Group
of which I am a member along with my Editor, Joan Reginaldo
and a few other very talented writers.
I’ll tell you right now, Joan’s stories will blow you away.
this is exciting for me, try to look happy 
and check out the reviews on Amazon, they’re pretty awesome too
my favorite: Disturbing. author need help

now I’m feeling bad for the other reach out if you want a gift too

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I’m also silently judging this site’s UI!! (Okay, not so silently...)
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For all you budding book cover designers
check out font squirrel
it’s a great resource
lots of free fonts for the download

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thanks for sharing that. we knew Cassady was the inspiration for Dean Moriarty, but not that he inspired the "scroll"
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