Jason Pomerance's latest update for Women Like Us

Nov 4, 2016

Hello followers of Women Like Us! Long time no update, but a couple of things to report, plus something new.

The book continues to sell. Of course not in the massive numbers we’d all like, but I consider every sale a good sale, and every reader a good reader. The book sells best when it gets promoted on one of the sites that blast out emails to eBook buyers so that’s where marketing efforts are being focused. Book giveaways also help. Over a thousand people entered book giveaway number one on Goodreads, and three winners were chosen (two in England!). Another giveaway is going on right now. It ends tomorrow so why not share the link below if you know anybody who might be interested. 

In the meantime, don’t forget that Amazon Reviews are critical to helping sales If you’ve read the book (and liked it...or even if you didn’t), please head over to Amazon and leave a review. We’re up to 31.  50 is better!  Or go to Goodreads or Barnes & Noble -- whichever you prefer. Or, copy and paste and leave reviews on all three. No harm in that. Here are the links: 




And here’s the link to the Bookreads Giveaway:


Now on to something new. Some of you are aware that we adopted, Derric, a beagle who was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project. Well Derric has a story to tell, although I’ll be taking it down and translating it so you can follow along. Here’s the link to Derric’s book on Inkshares. No, it’s not launched for pre-orders yet. Not quite ready for that, but you could follow along if you’d like. We’d both appreciate the support. That’s it for now. 

Thanks all.  Below is the Beagle link.  Click it and let us know what you think!