Jason Pomerance's latest update for Women Like Us

Oct 18, 2017


Been a while since I’ve been in touch. The good news is The Little Book That Could will soon cross into the thousands of books sold territory, and the production of the audiobook version is soon to be completed. So if you’ve been waiting to listen to the novel unfold, you’re going to get your chance.

One more thing I could still use a little help with, though -- Reviews!!  

First, many thanks to all who have left reviews. Reviews are an author’s best friend. Really! But you may not be aware of this, but there are algorithms on Amazon that boost book sales. The first kicks in at 50 reviews. A better one revs up at 100. Women Like Us sits at 48, so we just need 2 more for that first. If you read the book and haven’t reviewed, please, please please!!!!  I just need two of you (although the more the merrier).

It’s super-simple: just click on the link below. Scroll down to where it says, "Leave a Customer Review"  Give it as many stars as you want, and say just a word or two -- "Love the book!" (or even "Hate the book works". It’s the number of reviews that’s key. Although let’s be honest, we like positive reviews better).

Here’s that Amazon link (side note: I am notoriously lame about getting links to work here so if it doesn’t open, just go to Amazon and search for Women Like Us).


So that’s it for now.  

As always, many thanks to all supporters.  Stay tuned also for news about a new book!