M. Robert Randolph's latest update for The Dark Mountain

Jun 22, 2016

To the Company:

Not sure if I ever mentioned this on my project page. Or if it wasn’t obvious or clear. -- Wings of the Crallow is actually written much like a trilogy. In fact, I had it separated as a series until I drafted out the "fat" and combined the story into one book.  Here’s a basically spoiler-free rundown of how this book is more like 3-books-in-one:


At first glance, this seems to be a Middle Grade story. However, that is not the case. Early on, being eight years old, Michael dreams of finding a new world. And find it he does! But will he be prepared for what is to come? Can he bear the knowledge and carry it like a burden? Or will he turn and run?


Here’s the dark middle chapter. Michael is now in high school and now faces the world “alone.” He stumbles upon a drug-of-sorts, and becomes an addict. Can Michael break the cycle and overcome? Will he find meaning in his life? A reason to go on?


The finale. Michael is in college. An adult. He knows there’s more to him than meets the eye. But what exactly? Who was he as a child? Where did he go and why are so many of his memories missing? These and other questions drive Michael to wonder: How can one man possibly gain the strength to move mountains?


- M.R.R.