M. Robert Randolph's latest update for The Dark Mountain

Aug 18, 2017

Hello Followers, 

The Dark Mountain is officially part of the 2017 Inkshares Horror Contest. 

I’m currently away in the mountains with spotty wi-fi and didn’t realize the book was in draft mode. Sorry for the confusion. I’m hard at work on a final version of my book. I waited almost 2 years to have my novel reviewed by Catherine York at critiquemynovel.com...and it was worth the wait. I’ve got several new ideas how to streamline and make the book "work" better...which includes a new opening chapter that combines the best parts of chapters 1 and 2. 

I will get back to campaigning soon, but for now my abilities are limited. I am working with my company on a feature/interview about the project, which should reach over 200,000 employees worldwide. Bear with me as this feature may not go live until Sept/Oct time-frame. Until then I will ring out as many orders as I can from my limited network.

The good thing is this contest features many professional judges that read the works and have the ability to choose novels even if they don’t reach the goal. So all the support you can give will help: follow, post a review, and place a pre-order if you can. All support is welcome!