M. Robert Randolph's latest update for The Dark Mountain

Aug 22, 2017

I’m officially launching my campaign today in hopes to reach the top 3 in the 2017 Inkshares Horror Contest.

Pre-order Incentive for Writers:

For every pre-order, I will be offering a free beta-read / critique of any author’s first 3 chapters. That is at least a $50 value for a minimum of $10. Just post your chapters on Inkshares and provide me with your approval to add thoughts and comments to your project page. (Or if it’s better for you, please send me a MS Word file and I’ll update it with comments and red-lines).

I am also an amateur, so take my critique however you like. No one way is the right or wrong way, but having others’ insight can help jog your brain to come up with new and interesting ways to get your story across.

My schedule for the campaign:

I have a day job from 9am-5pm so will be busy most of the day. However, every night I plan to send out x5 Personal Messages to friends and family for support. I will also allocate time to read and critique x1 Inkshares Project every night, in the order which pre-orders are received. Every weekend, I will plan to post updates with my novel’s status and interesting stories behind what inspired the tale. I’ll also reach out to online communities (subreddits, etc.) who may be interested as well.

Place a pre-order today and receive a free beta-read with comments, feedback, and suggestions on your first 3 chapters on Inkshares.