Paul Spinrad's latest update for Whither Messianic Judaism?

Dec 15, 2014

Last spring, you generously sponsored me to write “an article of 1,500 words, give or take, that gives a good introduction to Messianic Judaism today.”

I finished the article some time ago and was very pleased at how it turned out, but it wound up being around 11,000 words — nearly eight times its anticipated length.

On Chanukah, we remember the miracle of the oil in the Temple burning for eight times its anticipated length. And while my article’s becoming similarly long was the furthest thing from a miracle, I do think it makes Chanukah a serviceable if somewhat contrived time-peg for my finally publishing the article.

So here it is. But really, I believe and hope that my article, “Whither Messianic Judaism?” might be something fun and unusual for you to read this time of year, while you may be thinking about religious traditions and hopefully have some extra time.

"Whither Messianic Judaism?" on Medium

Happy holidays, and thank you again for your support!