Paul Spinrad's latest update for Whither Messianic Judaism?

Aug 8, 2014

Hi all!  Things are still moving along with my article on Messianic Judaism, thank you for your patience and support.  Adam Jack Gomolin at Inkshares had some great edit suggestions on my first version, so I revised accordingly and the second draft is now being read by another Inkshares editor, Barnaby Conrad III.

Meanwhile, my friend Mark Glaser will be reading it this weekend with an eye towards helping figure out what to do with it-- like, should we send it out to publishers, and if so, who; or should we publish it ourselves, and if so, how.

The article is nearly 10,000 words in length, which makes it long for an article but short for a book, so it could go in a few different directions.  It's also a tricky piece to categorize because it includes some fictional elements (which are clearly delineated) along with the regular reporting-- so it's not standard journalism, and would not work for publications that frame their content as such.

But however the piece comes out, I'm excited about it.  I think it's super interesting (I'm biased, of course).