Donna Litt's latest update for Where the Sun Sets

Oct 28, 2016

Hello folks!

Simon is building simple machinery that takes used plastic, a precious resource mined from mountains of refuse, and turns it into priceless building material; and he’s taking his machinery with him to Haiti to help locals set up sustainable recycling businesses.

Simon is an ex-colleague of mine who was gracious enough to give me permission to share his story, here: 

Since launching this crazy harebrained thing, I’ve been thrashing about, trying to find my way forward. I’ve met with Makers and tech workers, artists and friends. People who I believe understand the spirit of curiosity, where the best of the arts and sciences overlap in innovation, that I want to use my craft (writing) to help preserve. People who, like me, are invested in seeing this spirit scale as our community rapidly grows so that we don’t dilute out that special part of our DNA.

By sharing Simon’s story and following his journey, my hope is to demonstrate just how powerful this spirit of curiosity is, and why it’s so important to preserve and grow.

Thank you,