Lauren Levis's latest update for When I’m 64

Sep 10, 2016

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

This morning I have another exciting update to share with you.  Last night, I received an email from the Inkshares Team letting me know that When I’m 64 has been selected as the September Pick of the Idiosyncraticate Syndicate!  For those of you that aren’t familiar with Inkshares Syndicates, what this means is that readers and writers have formed a group in which they pool their money, and select one book each month to support and offer a boost in sales.  This particular syndicate has a unique vision for their group and have chosen to support books that are in typically unsupported genres such as comedy, autobiographical, or in this case memoir.  

I am so proud and honored to have been selected by the syndicate lead, and I wanted to share what he wrote about why my project was selected:

"It takes bravery to put your story out there no matter the subject matter -- even if it’s pictures of people arguing about politics -- but this memoir-within-a-memoir is truly something else. I couldn’t do this and I love that others can. I want to see this go all the way. It’s exactly the kind of book I want this syndicate to get behind. "- Billy O’Keefe

With the backing of this syndicate, I have the support of my fellow authors, and have a total of 346 pre-orders to date.  While this is amazing in and of itself- it does give me hope that we can reach the fully supported publishing tier of 750 pre-orders.  With 31 days left in my funding campaign it would be amazing of you all to continue to help spread the word about this project with friends, family and co-workers.  

Thank you all for your continued love and support :)

Yours in gratitude,