Paul Plante
The nonchalance situations ring even better with the undertone of relaxed humour. It's a curious story, and it reads easy
Alyssa Hogan
I enjoyed reading this- because the voice of the main character, Morgan, sounds like the guy you knew in college; the one who always got himself into WTF situations...and you always hung on every word of their story.
Hunter Red
A compelling piece of an interesting story currently seeking funding.
Susan Hamilton
Right from the start you meet several distinct and intriguing characters in Russell's Wake Up Call. Told from the perspective of Henry Morgan, a put-upon employee who works for an Elder God with a penchant for arguing with local clergy, readers will not only relate to him as a character (who hasn't worked for a boss like Smith?) but feel for him as Henry is reluctantly pulled into a job he'd really rather avoid. Wake Up Call promises to be a fun, cheeky romp in the fantasy/supernatural genre.
David Allen
If you like Percy Jackson, but want a different spin on the whole story. I strongly suggest Wake up Call.