Deedra Climer's latest update for Wailing Wall: A Mother’s Memoir

Jan 4, 2016

Many people are talking about changes for the new year, but my internal clock runs on a different cycle. I start to think about what is passing from my life and what is to come next when the leaves start to change colors. While the trees are bare and you can see every fractal of nature in their branches, I'm deep in my own head, tending to seeds that won't sprout for a while.  It won't be for a few months yet that I'll come out of my head and maybe you'll see a little green here and there. Then it will be time to start over again! Who am I kidding? I spend most of my life in my head. I like it that way.

There are some writing seeds that have taken shape that you may start to see draft chapters of around summer. I've been swimming in a sea of Southern Gothic fiction lately: Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor, mostly. I've re-read Beloved and Song of Solomon byToni Morrison fit and even given  Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee another romp to consider whether it might have been called Southern Gothic if it had more care and feeding when Lee first took it up.  The subject matter is often gruesome, but it resonates with me as truth. Having grown up in the South, I see people I've known - many to whom I am related! - in these characters and I love to hate them. Words beget words, and the more I read the more I write. Got Down on my Knees is happening, slowly but steadily. 

And people are saying nice things about Wailing Wall on GoodReads and Amazon! I've also gotten emails from many people saying the story hit home for them: either from their own loss, addiction or parenting. There is no greater honor than knowing that this story has connected with so many people. Human connection, I'm convinced, is why we write. Let me hear from you, won't you?