NaNoWriMo has begun! I’m going down-periscope, and will see you all at the end of the month with (hopefully) a finished novel! Please back the book, as we only have two months to go to get nearly 200 more readers!

Hey everyone! I’ve seen a lot of new followers in the last few days. Welcome. As I said in previous updates, I’m preparing to hunker down and finish the novel over NaNoWriMo. My job should be picking up in intensity during the Christmas season, so we’ll see if I can squeeze time in to write. I’ll keep you all in the loop as far as the progress goes.

Last week’s Q&A went well. Only a couple of people stopped in to ask questions, but they were good ones. Me and Atticus (my kitten) enjoyed answering what was thrown out there.

I’d love to see some more recommendations from those who have backed the book. Those recommendations get seen by everyone, and can be as little as a single sentence. I appreciate it!


Hey everyone! Just a reminder that in only an hour we’re kicking off the Upload Q&A over on the Facebook page

Hey everyone, quick update! Don’t forget to join me on Wednesday on Facebook for the Q&A! I’ll be on hand to answer your burning questions! See you there!

Good day, detectives. 

Today marks 100 days until the end of the campaign! We’re currently at 55 preorders. In order to reach the 250 preorder quill goal, we need about 2 new preorders a day. Is this possible? Absolutely. I just need your help.

We have 117 followers, 48 subscribers, 14 recommendations, and 4 reviews. If all of the followers who haven’t subscribed yet were to back the book at merely the Deputy ($10 level), we’d be so much closer to that goal.

Upload was recently backed by the Thriller Night Syndicate, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Their confidence and support in my book is invaluable. I would love to see Upload backed by other syndicates as well, so if you’re part of one or know of a syndicate who might be interested, I’d love to see you share the book with them.

Next Wednesday at 7PM PST, I’ll be hosting a Q&A over on the Upload Facebook page. Feel free to go over there and like the page, as I’ll be providing updates for that over there. Feel free to ask any questions about the setting, my writing process, my outlining techniques or anything else you can think of about the book in that Q&A.

If you’ve got a book here on Inkshares, and you’d like me to take a look, shoot me a message. I’d be happy to exchange reviews with you.

Finally, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Unlike most NaNoWriMo’s, however, I won’t be conjuring a book out of whole cloth in a month. Instead, I’ll be completing Upload in that time (at least, the first draft). I’ll keep you appraised of any updates on that as we draw closer to November.

Thank you for all your support. Let’s keep this thing moving!

I’d like to extend a massive thank you to the Thriller Night Syndicate who have chosen Upload as their book this month. Thank you so much. You all should get on over there and join. They choose some great books (I should know...)

I’m considering doing a Q and A over on the Facebook page for Upload. If you’re interested in that, head over to the FB page and like it to see updates as that draws closer.

Again, thanks to the Thriller Night Syndicate! Our number of readers has shot up! If you’re subscribed to Upload but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on ordering, I really encourage you to do so. It helps me see if I’m anywhere near being able to make even the 250 goal by the end of the campaign. Thanks!

Good morning, readers! 

As I’ve been writing the book, I’ve found I place certain celebrities’ faces on the characters, hearing their voices as I write their dialogue. I thought I’d share the actors I have in mind for my dream cast of Upload. As I haven’t revealed all the players yet, I won’t be able to show you everyone, of course.

Detective Jonathan Qin: Daniel Wu. Wu is a fantastic actor from Into the Badlands and Warcraft. I’d love to see him in the lead role.

Commissioner Richard Simms: Bryan Cranston. Simms is a regular throughout the book, providing a foundation for the police department. Cranston would be fantastic in the role.

COO Eli Brand: John Slattery. The Chief of Operations at EMBR is a charmer and a visionary. I’ve loved Slattery’s work in Mad Men and the Iron Man films, and would love him to play Brand.

Detective Rachel York: Olivia Wilde. I think she’s great as an actress, and could pull off the "not gonna deal with your bullshit" attitude she throws at Qin sometimes.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to get your support by sharing on social media a link to the campaign. We’ve stalled on readers, though we got a new one last week. 

Also, I hear rumor my book is up for a vote at the Night Thriller Syndicate. I’d love for the members over there to vote for my book. Thanks for considering me!

Thank you everyone, for the fantastic support. I’ve just had the campaign extended to January 1st, in order to help bring in more preorders.

Progress is going great on the book. The latest chapter I’m working on introduces a lot more world-building as Jonathan finds himself thicker and thicker in the weeds of the case.

I’m going to put out another challenge to the subscribers out there: If we hit 75 readers, I’ll release Chapter 3 exclusively to people who have preordered. I look forward to sharing more of the book with you!

Hey, everyone. I know it’s been a while, but I wanted to give an update! It looks like funding has kind of stalled. That being said, I think this thing could definitely get turned around! If you haven’t preordered yet, now is the time to do it!

Tonight, I plan on... ahem... uploading the next chapter here for everyone to see! Hopefully, that will bring more people on-board. Chapter Two brings new insight into Jonathan’s murder, as well as explaining the nature of Uploading further. I look forward to you all reading it!

Hey hey, everyone! We’re only 11 preorders away from the release of Chapter Two! I can’t wait to share the chapter with you. We’re at 85 subscribers to Upload. If everyone who is subscribed preordered the book, we’d be well on our way toward the initial goal of 250. 

I’m considering extending the campaign, and starting an even bigger campaign push. I’ve noticed a few other campaigns here have much longer than 3 month campaigns, and also have some great stretch goals, so I’m looking at implementing some of those.

I’m considering doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) about the book on either Reddit (should I find the right subreddit that would like to host me), or on Twitter. If that’s something you’re interested in, Tweet me @MarkMeredith

See you soon!