Mark Meredith's latest update for Upload

Sep 12, 2016

Good morning, readers! 

As I’ve been writing the book, I’ve found I place certain celebrities’ faces on the characters, hearing their voices as I write their dialogue. I thought I’d share the actors I have in mind for my dream cast of Upload. As I haven’t revealed all the players yet, I won’t be able to show you everyone, of course.

Detective Jonathan Qin: Daniel Wu. Wu is a fantastic actor from Into the Badlands and Warcraft. I’d love to see him in the lead role.

Commissioner Richard Simms: Bryan Cranston. Simms is a regular throughout the book, providing a foundation for the police department. Cranston would be fantastic in the role.

COO Eli Brand: John Slattery. The Chief of Operations at EMBR is a charmer and a visionary. I’ve loved Slattery’s work in Mad Men and the Iron Man films, and would love him to play Brand.

Detective Rachel York: Olivia Wilde. I think she’s great as an actress, and could pull off the "not gonna deal with your bullshit" attitude she throws at Qin sometimes.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to get your support by sharing on social media a link to the campaign. We’ve stalled on readers, though we got a new one last week. 

Also, I hear rumor my book is up for a vote at the Night Thriller Syndicate. I’d love for the members over there to vote for my book. Thanks for considering me!