Mark Meredith's latest update for Upload

Sep 21, 2016

Good day, detectives. 

Today marks 100 days until the end of the campaign! We’re currently at 55 preorders. In order to reach the 250 preorder quill goal, we need about 2 new preorders a day. Is this possible? Absolutely. I just need your help.

We have 117 followers, 48 subscribers, 14 recommendations, and 4 reviews. If all of the followers who haven’t subscribed yet were to back the book at merely the Deputy ($10 level), we’d be so much closer to that goal.

Upload was recently backed by the Thriller Night Syndicate, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Their confidence and support in my book is invaluable. I would love to see Upload backed by other syndicates as well, so if you’re part of one or know of a syndicate who might be interested, I’d love to see you share the book with them.

Next Wednesday at 7PM PST, I’ll be hosting a Q&A over on the Upload Facebook page. Feel free to go over there and like the page, as I’ll be providing updates for that over there. Feel free to ask any questions about the setting, my writing process, my outlining techniques or anything else you can think of about the book in that Q&A.

If you’ve got a book here on Inkshares, and you’d like me to take a look, shoot me a message. I’d be happy to exchange reviews with you.

Finally, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Unlike most NaNoWriMo’s, however, I won’t be conjuring a book out of whole cloth in a month. Instead, I’ll be completing Upload in that time (at least, the first draft). I’ll keep you appraised of any updates on that as we draw closer to November.

Thank you for all your support. Let’s keep this thing moving!