Charlie Guo's latest update for Unscalable

Apr 9, 2015

Updated prices! New content! Exciting things! 

You're all busy people, so here's a TL;DR:

  • We're at 65%! If you haven't shared already, click here to share
  • Based on votes the next chapter is gonna be GitHub!
  •  Inkshares now has a simpler, two-option pre-order model. A) I want this book. B) I want multiple copies of this book. 

Read on if you want more details:

Updated Prices

Inkshares, the company responsible for book publishing/printing, has just moved to a simpler crowdfunding model that's better for writers and readers alike. 

The funding goal is now based on number of copies sold, rather than total dollars raised. This gives them a much better sense of how many people want to read the book, independent of ebook/print format, and they're willing to subsidize early adopters. This means that if you pre-ordered at the "Seed Stage" tier, you'll now be getting both a print AND an ebook, and if you pre-ordered at the "Growth Stage" tier, you'll be getting multiple copies of the book. 

New Content

Based on the votes, the next chapter to be released is going to be GitHub! I've already recorded the interview, so it's a matter of transcribing the audio and editing the content. Tom Preston-Werner is a great guy, and it's a solid interview about how the co-founders got together and bootstrapped a V1. 

Exciting Things

Funding progress is still going well (I am loathe to use the phrase "killing it"), as we've hit the 65% mark. However, if you haven't already shared, it would mean a ton if you could tweet or post a link to Facebook (click here to tweet). Or, if you recommend the book through Inkshares, you can get $15 in credits for more books (or, uh, more copies of my book?).

The faster the funding goal hits 100%, the faster I can worry less about promo and devote more energy to editing and making a quality book.

Questions? Email me at charlie [at], or find me on twitter @charlierguo.