Todd S. Wonkka's latest update for Under The Rug

Feb 5, 2018

Hello all,

Just wanted to update you on Under The Rug. First, thank you so much for your support. After my campaign ended I dove back into to Under The Rug to edit...rigorously. I’m very happy with the way the book is shaping.

Since I didn’t receive enough pre-orders to achieve full editing from Inksahres, I have decided to hire a professional editor to help me make Under The Rug the best book it can possibly be. I am vetting a few as we speak and hope to have one on board by the end of the week. From there we will start due diligence, then decide on a book cover and layout, etc. Then, finally, we’ll go to print. I hope to have a book in each and every one of your hands by end of summer, but, ultimately, it will be up to inkshares to decide when we fire. 

Thank you all for your patience. I will update you again soon.