Todd S. Wonkka's latest update for Under The Rug

Aug 28, 2018

Hello all,

First, thank you all for your patience. Writing, editing, and then finalizing a project that you care about takes a lot of work, and a lot of time. It’s important to bring justice to the project by being patient, which at times was difficult as I had all of you—my backers—on my mind. I can’t wait to get this novel into your hands. But, I took my time, worked it through thoroughly, hired a reputable editor, Caroline Tolley, and turned my early drafts of Under The Rug into something I’m very proud of. And, the process is now moving forward as I’ve just submitted my manuscript to Inkshares. 

Now, Inkshares will still have their editors take a look at it. But because I’ve had a professional editor already work on this with me, the process will move much faster than normal. The next few things I will be submitting to the Inksahres team are things like book cover, layout, author bio, etc. Soon Inkshares will communicate to me a realistic date for the release of the book. Rest assured however, that you, my backers, will receive your copies before it hits the bookshelves. That’s it for now. Will let you know something when I know something.