Fred Kerns's latest update for Uncharted Territory

Sep 13, 2018

Finally, some news. It’s about time, huh?

I’ve just started taking pre-orders for Game Over. As mentioned if a previous update, I decided to post that book here and finish polishing it, then kick off the pre-order campaign because it’s set chronologically before Uncharted Territory and introduces many of the characters in it. I’d started posting UT here first because I had Game Over published through Vook, which later became Pronoun, and not too long ago Pronoun closed down. So I thought it made sense to put the book here so those familiar with the characters in Uncharted Territory can see where it all started.

As an introduction to Game Over, I’ll be writing up a series of blog posts giving an overview of the book, character profiles, and other bits of business. I posted the first earlier this evening.

Please check out Game Over and, if you like it, follow and pre-order and let’s see if we can get this baby published. :D