Katie Hayes's latest update for Twisted Tales for Tacky Children

Dec 12, 2017

Good morning inkshares supporters!

I’m writing because I’ve gotten some new information on the publication timeline for Twisted Tales, and I wanted to share it with you.  According to the folks at Quill, there are currently two books in the "pipeline" ahead of mine. They estimate that production can begin in earnest in January or February, and that the books can ship 5-6 months after that.  In my case, because I have done so much of the design work on this project myself, the timeline could be slightly shorter.

My first reaction to this information was I AM CRUSHED. As most of you know, I’m a fast moving and high energy person, so to me the publishing process is maddeningly slow.  However, then I thought about it some more and I was like CALM DOWN KATIE THIS IS FINE. I am still enthusiastic about this project, and I know the payout will be huge for having a thorough and high quality editorial team.

In the meantime, if you were hoping to use this book as a gift, email me.  I can’t deliver the final book, but I can create some printable wall art from the illustrations, etc... so that your little people can have something to open this year.  As always, I am super grateful for your patience, and the encouragement you have given me as a young author.

You are the greatest,