Katie Hayes's latest update for Twisted Tales for Tacky Children

Nov 1, 2016

Hi Y’all,

I hope all of you tacky people had a happy Halloween.  I had a blast last night, handing out candy with our neighbors, and watching Millie and Sean trick-or-treat:

In honor of our wonderful street and in celebration of over 190 copies sold- I decided to post a new poem tonight.  It’s called "The Louse of King Street" and it has one of my favorite illustrations in the book.

If you have a friend who has ever battled an outbreak of head-lice at their kid’s school, be sure to send this on to them, perhaps with a thoughtful note saying "When I see something about head-lice, I always think of your kids!" They will love that.

Joking aside, if you have friends who would see the humor in this-- forward it to them and
invite them to join us, as we all work together to publish this delightful, tacky, (and sometimes itchy!) book.