Katie Hayes's latest update for Twisted Tales for Tacky Children

Dec 30, 2016

Dear Friends,

At the end of each December, I sit down and I make a list of new years resolutions. Those of you who know me know that these resolutions are sometimes silly (increase hipster cred by learning to play ukulele,) sometimes practical (keep the baby alive), and sometimes designed just so I can have one accomplishment on my list I’m guaranteed to check off (buy cilantro.)  But on EVERY list I’ve made since I’ve entered adulthood, there is one item that I’ve always listed. Try and become a published author.

Thanks to you, in 2017 I’m going to accomplish that resolution.  I couldn’t be more excited, or more grateful. I promise in the months to come, I’ll work as hard as I can with my editor to try and deliver the kind of classless masterpiece you’ve come to expect from a tacky girl like me :)  I’ll update you on when you can expect books to print, ship, etc... and on the process in general.

In the meantime, we’ve still got 4 more days in the pre-order campaign. If you have additional first edition copies to reserve, or friends who still need to buy the book, you’ve got a few more days to pester them mercilessly.

Here’s to 2017!