Jason Chestnut's latest update for To Live and Die in Avalon

Feb 8, 2017

Hello, faithful readers and followers!

A year ago today I launched my Inkshares campaign and while it wasn’t successful, I did not give up working on the book. At the time I had barely two chapters. Today the current (and nearly final) draft is sitting at 99,000 words and twenty-three chapters.

I have revamped the Inkshares page, took down the old, outdated sample chapters and replaced them with the current prologue and first chapter. I’m really proud of this book and whether I decide to start another campaign or shop it elsewhere, I promise you it will see the light of day in some shape or form...sooner rather than later.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the constant, unwavering support. I feel 200% more confident in the current, almost finished version of the book compared to the rough idea and collection of words I had a year ago and if not for the Nerdist Space Opera contest and Inkshares itself, I’m not sure I would have taken the leap did and finally put myself out there. It has changed my life (no seriously, I’m not even exaggerating). 

Love and all that stuff,