Jason Chestnut's latest update for To Live and Die in Avalon

Jun 28, 2016

This is it, guys...


I know I said I’d make a video update, but that kind of fell through at the last minute, so here I am pleading that you help me make one last big PUSH for the Quill finish line!

Rest assured, if we don’t make Quill, I will be looking into some other publishing options, but I REALLY REALLY want to be an Inkshares Quill author! The Inkshares community has been so good to me, I’ve made lots of great friends and have reached a kind of solidarity in the thought that I’m not alone in this crazy endeavor...this dream of being a novelist. 

I will see how things go in the next couple of days and if I see light at the end of the tunnel, I will ask for one final extension. So, PLEASE, help me get there! 

Thank you!