Garret Rempel's latest update for Timesplice

Aug 31, 2015

Update #2: Aug 31

Good day to everyone, and to everyone new who has started reading TIMESPLICE or pre-ordered, thank you for your support!

I've just finished publishing the full first chapter online at ( this morning, and now it's your turn for some new material.

The following link is the complete Chapter 2 (in RTF format) as promised. This is the content that I will be publishing online over the next 8 weeks (or so, I tend to get impatient with the publishing pace that I set myself, so if I make good progress on Chapter 4 and finish it sooner then I'll speed it up).

I will also add this content as a Chapter on Inkshares when I can sit down and fiddle with the formatting in order to make it look right. As for writing progress, I am currently finishing up the last couple of "scenes" in Chapter 3 which now officially contains the longest single scene I have written to date.

So once again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy this next installment of TIMESPLICE.