Garret Rempel's latest update for Timesplice

Aug 24, 2015

Update #1: Aug 24

Welcome to Timesplice, and thank you for reading and supporting this project! This book is an idea that I have been turning over in my mind for a couple of years, long enough that I have mapped out much of its arc. The hard part was going to be sitting down and writing it. It just happens to be a wonderful coincidence that I decided to start writing and publishing it online ( not long before I discovered Inkshares and the Nerdist contest.

So I figured, why not give it a try? In the end if it gets published, great! I would love to hold a physical copy in my hands some day. But, if not... then it will still get written, and it will still get published online to be freely available to everyone who wants to read it - week by week.

For supporting this project of mine, as readers, and as pre-orders, I will be giving you all access to material that have not yet published online. Next Monday (Aug 31st) I will be dropping the remainder of Chapter 1 online on my website, and at the same time I will send you an update that includes the complete Chapter 2, which will only be published online over the following 8 weeks, piece by piece.

So thank you! And I hope you will enjoy Timesplice and continue reading it in whatever form it is available.

Garret Rempel