The Western Section of The Wildlife Society's latest update for The Wildlife Confessional: An Anthology of Stories

Nov 13, 2019

** Update **

Happy holidays, Confessionistas!

Regretfully, our original November print date has slipped a month due to the intricacies of the internal layout, so we are now looking at a mid-December press date (right now, it’s December 10), still in time for the holidays! 

On the plus side, the delay has given us time to revisit the cover to make it sparkle! Moving forward, we’ll be providing more regular updates on the project’s Facebook page []. There, you can see the updated cover design and follow along as our Amazon page goes live (we have an ISBN!) and the presses start rolling.

As always, thank you *all* for your patience and support.


The Editors
The Wildlife Confessional