The Western Section of The Wildlife Society's latest update for The Wildlife Confessional: An Anthology of Stories

Apr 18, 2019

Happy Spring,

Thank you all again for supporting The Wildlife Confessional. I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you an update on the project. For those of you who were key in helping this project meet it’s sales goal, you may remember that we met that goal in February 2018 under Inkshares’ "Quill" program. That program has since been retired, and Inkshares is working their way down the list of Quill qualifiers, of which we happen to be the very last funded. 

And so we - and, in turn, you - are simply waiting in line until our turn comes along to be assigned an editor for layout, design, and production. Otherwise, the manuscript is done and ready for submittal. But we haven’t been idle. In the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of The Wildlife Society’s very own professional magazine, The Wildlife Professional (do you see what we did there?), we ran a teaser for anthology contributor Brian Cypher’s story, The Pirate Kit Fox. If you are fortunate enough to be a member of The Wildlife Society, I hope you’ve had a chance to read it. 

Rest assured, as soon as we hear that we’ve moved up to the front of the line, you - our faithful readers and supporters - will be the very first to know!

Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding.



The Editors

The Wildlife Confessional