The Western Section of The Wildlife Society's latest update for The Wildlife Confessional: An Anthology of Stories

Dec 11, 2019


Last night the digital e-Book copies of The Wildlife Confessional shipped (=became available) to backers. Unfortunately, on the print-side we’ve been working closely with Inkshares over the last week to troubleshoot a printing deficiency that came about during production - the quality of the illustrations on the paper page wasn’t up to snuff, something the printer has assured us was a one-off.

Those of us - like myself - that value the printed word on paper pages will have to sit tight while they queue up the presses for a new run of books, which likely won’t arrive until after the New Year. But I hope those of you who e-read have already tucked in to your copy of The Wildlife Confessional and are busy tap-turning the pages late into the night.

Thank you again for your patience - they say good things come to those who wait, so this must be a good thing coming :).

Happy Holidays,

The Editors
The Wildlife Confessional