Stephen Carignan
With a whole world of lore for readers to sink their teeth into The Vatheran Prologue promises to be the beginning of an epic tale. Every paragraph seems to have a history of its own as the characters reveal more of the world to us. One of the strongest aspects of the work itself is the imagery incorporated within the story itself. I look forward to reading more.
Evan Graham
Rich with a deep and complex lore, The Vatherian Saga has an unquestionably immersive story, well worthy of your attention
M. Robert Randolph
Wow. Such in depth world building and history. Fans of epic and high fantasy need to check this out!
Try and have fun.
Craig A. Munro
Massive story and incredible world building!
Alisa King
L.V. has created a captivating world full of rich history and lore. If you're a fantasy lover check this out now!
Stephen Carignan
I always love it when authors challenge the established narrative tropes, and it's even better when the writing is this good.
Scott Carss
A lot of cool ideas here. Can't wait to see more.
Michael Molisani
It's uncommon to come across a story with as much depth and intensity as this, rarer still to find one that keeps an interesting pace and does not get bogged down. This story pulls it all together.
Michael Molisani
Often when one reads an epic history within a story, it feels like filler. It feels like lazy writing. This is not the case with the Vatheran. Life, death, blood, war, and love between characters and cultures are expressed and not simply explained. As you go through you will see recurring words, such as blood and mouth, these come through as poetic. You feel the pacing ebb and flow in these words as they pull you deeper into the narrative. This is a tale of war, it is dark and complex, but the natures of the characters are highly developed and though there are many characters who are named and given a moment, there are key players in the world and they draw your attention towards them. Well written and interesting, there are over a million words in this epic and each is worth reading.