William Bartlett
Good writing, hooked me quick, I’m ready for more!
Love this! Great local flavor, characters feel alive, and the opening scene reminds me a bit of Twin Peaks.
Noah Broyles
A great premise backed up by great writing. I hope to see this in print someday soon.
Pierre Mathieu
I have just read 'Childish Things'. Here is my (quite positive) assessment:I have liked the way Fulton manages to make us aware at the same time of 1) a character's inner thoughts (Kirsty and her feelings about her old friend Liz, her longing to become a mother), and 2) of her social and natural surroundings, and 3) blend all this into the continued narration.I have also found interesting the way he gives a slight 'phonic' dimension to his writing by rendering what the Scottish dialect sounds like, but without doing too much, so that it does not hinder the reader's understanding.I am looking forward to reading more.
Chip Colquhoun
This sounds like a fantastic premise! Fulton clearly knows his setting and his subject matter, but he also knows how to draw you straight into the intrigue. Worth watching...!