Thad Woodman
Sorcery Superstore is such an insanely fun idea. Check this one out!
Christopher Lee
Could there be a more fun idea than a Sorcery Superstore? I don't think so, a one stop shop for all your magical needs, I'd spend every day there. Rebstock doesn't stop there either, throw in a lovable teen with dreams of grandeur and you've got lift-off! I will be eagerly watching for this books release!
Rick Heinz
So, it's always interesting to review someones work who is touching on the same concept as yourself. I find the Sorcery Superstore to be uplifting and light-hearted, gleefully throwing around urban fantasy references, knowing that the target audience will just smile at them. Then promptly wonder what it would really be like... Obviously, I'm biased, I think it's a fantastic concept and would love to see this book get the corporate branding and marketing it deserves. 
J. Graham-Jones
What if there was a Walmart for witches?
Christopher Lee
This one has a lot of promise! You know what I wonder what is on aisle 4....
Ashley Brandt
The Sorcery Superstore is a delightful mix of magic and the mundane. It's a different kind of fantasy book that the author has made sure to keep original and flowing.
Holly Meissner
The idea of a Wal*Mart for witches is a great one, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Rebstock's world unfold through the eyes of her protagonist, a girl who just needs a job!